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Girl of the Highest Heaven (*)

Tenshi Hinanawi

(*) "非想非非想天" (Hisou-hihisou-ten, Naiva-saṃjñā-nāsaṃjñā-yatana) is the highest plane of the Buddhist heaven. It's shortened to "非想天" (Hisouten), and also known as "有頂天" (Uchouten, Bhava-agra or Bhavāgra).

Species: Mostly-Failed Celestial

A delinquent celestial living in the heavens.

The Hinanawi clan used to be a family of priests who were tasked to protect the Keystone, which kept earthquakes under control.

However, even with the Hinanawi keystone, earthquakes occurred rather often. They occurred so often that it went out of the hands of Oomura-no-Kami, a celestial who was in charge of earthquakes at that time, so the Nai clan, who had been serving the celestials, was ordered to take over the job around the Gensokyo area.

The Nai clan was a family of surface priests, but was later enshrined as divine spirits in a small shrine beside a mountain lake known as Nai-no-Kami. The Nai-no-Kami still watches after Gensokyo quietly.

At the same time, the Hinanawi clan was transferred to heaven as a reward for serving Nai-no-Kami when it was still alive.

However, unlike other celestials, the Hinanawis became celestials only by serving Nai-no-Kami; that is, not through training. So they didn't have the reputation expected of celestials, and some even called them "bad" celestials.

When the Hinanawis became celestials, their daughter Chiko Hinanawi followed them to be a celestial, even though she was only a mere girl.

Chiko renamed herself Tenshi when she moved to heaven. She was not satisfied with how she was treated in heaven, and often looked at Gensokyo with jealousy toward the humans and youkai on the surface.

One day, a sudden urge hit her as she saw surface youkai using their power to invoke disaster and enjoy the following events.

"Gee, I'm tired of this boring celestial life! I can invoke a disaster too!!"

Then she darted out of her home, with the Sword of Hisou, a celestial tool, in her hand...

Location: Heaven
Ability: Manipulation of the soil

Ability to invoke or suppress an earthquake. Although effective area is not wide, she can cause an earthquake in a remote area as long as it's inside Gensokyo. This ability also allows her to cause disasters such as subsidence or mudslide.

Also, only the Hinanawi clan is allowed to put or remove Keystones in Gensokyo.

It is said that upon removal of the Keystones, all the ground in Gensokyo will shake.

Sword of Hisou's ability: Identify one's spiritual nature

The Sword of Hisou is a celestial-only item that allows the wielder to exploit the opponent's weakness, no matter what. First, the sword converts the opponent's spiritual nature to scarlet mist, then to the form that everyone can see. As the opponent's nature has surfaced, the sword can change itself to the most effective attributes.

Spiritual nature surfaced by the sword takes the form of weather. Spirits slashed by the sword become scarlet mist, then the mist changes the weather.

Tenshi thinks that with her Keystone and Sword of Hisou, she can control all heaven, surface, and humans.

Personality: Had a sheltered upbringing. Selfish. Top of the world.

She is very earthy for a celestial, and lacks charisma. That's not surprising, however, because she became a celestial only because the entire Hinanawi family became celestials when Nai became a divine spirit. Therefore, she lacks awareness of being a celestial.

An overly well-endowed environment obviously had a negative effect on Tenshi's childhood. She doesn't consider what her actions mean to other people, for one.

She has absolute confidence in her abilities, and gets mad if someone insults them.

ZUN Design

MAGNet 20100502 4 Tenshi

Antinomy of Common Flowers official website

Celestial of Scarlet Thought, Secluded from this Transient World

Tenshi Hinanawi

"I'm glad that I got to meet
a great partner who suits me so well!"

A delinquent Celestial who defies common sense.

Upon descending to Gensokyo for the first time in a while, she discovered an unprecedented Perfect Possession fad!
Having found a partner suitable for her noble status, nobody on the Earth's surface can stand a chance against her.

An all-purpose fighter armed with her Sword of Scarlet Thought, which changes its shape to match the situation,
and all-range attacks using keystones that she can control at will.
And to top it off, her atmosphere-controlling Urban Legend "H.A.A.R.P." calls forth massive storms!

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