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Youmu's Extra

Extra Stage: Launch the Beacon of Rebellion! - Myouren Temple

Nue: Argh, they got resurrected after all! Now the youkai are up in arms!
Nue: So I'll have to call upon the youkai's trump card!
Nue: But I'll put an end to YOU here!

Youmu: The youkai's trump card, hm?
Youmu: But weren't Miko and her gang youkai in the first place?
Mamizou: Hoh there!
Mamizou: Well now, what are you? A youkai?
Youmu: Er, half-youkai or something...
Mamizou: Hm! Half-baked is what!
Mamizou: It seems the youkai fear the resurrection of a certain saint.
Mamizou: And I have come to their aid!
Youmu: Oh, I'm just fine.
Mamizou: I don't sense much of a youkai aura from you, however.
Mamizou: Are you really a youkai?
Youmu: I'm half-ghost and half-human. I'm not really sure if it's alright to call me a youkai.
Mamizou: I don't rightly understand.
Mamizou: Regardless, I'll raise you to be a first-class youkai.
Youmu: I'd rather you not.
Mamizou: It was the youkai of Gensokyo who were worried over this saint's revival, yes?
Mamizou: You'll never surmount your crisis with that half-baked attitude!
Mamizou: Let's have a danmaku battle with ten forms in all! I'll give you a proper training!

Mamizou: Go-hoh! Hack!
Mamizou: H-Hm... I think that's quite enough...
Mamizou: You are already plenty strong! Yes, you are initiated!
Youmu: Whew...
Mamizou: However, being so strong, why did you fear this saint?
Youmu: I wasn't afraid.
Youmu: I already fought her and won.
Mamizou: What's that, now?
Mamizou: Then what have I come all the way from Sado for?
Youmu: Huh? How about you ask the people of this temple?
Mamizou: A temple? I am a tanuki, though...
Youmu: Well, the Myouren Temple is a temple for youkai.
Mamizou: Oho, my! That's amusing.
Mamizou: A Shinto shrine of youkai extermination, and a temple for youkai?
Mamizou: It's an interesting little place you have here!
Youmu: By the way, what you said about coming from Sado...
Youmu: Where exactly is Sado? What's it like?
Mamizou: Wah, hah, hah... You want to hear my tale?
Mamizou: It might be a little long. Is that alright?
Youmu: Well, never mind then.
Mamizou: Why, I never... You didn't have to be so blunt...
Mamizou: In any case, let's go into the temple and rest, and then we can talk.

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