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The translation for the scenario as of the demo.

Marisa's Scenario

Stage 1: Cherry Blossoms in the Nocturne Netherworld

Marisa: The netherworld at night is eerie as ever...
Yuyuko: Oh, do we have visitors?
Yuyuko: Hold on a moment, I'm still preparing tea.
Marisa: Hold up! No need to waste your time on me, ze.
Marisa: I just wanna hear if you know anything about these crazy spirits.
Yuyuko: Spirits? Do you mean me?
Yuyuko: If you want to check up on me, you'll have to beat me first!

Marisa: Alright, now tell me like you promised. What are all these spirits running around?
Yuyuko: These are young divine spirits. Spirits born of human desires.
Yuyuko: Spirits are simply spirits. There's no relation to ghosts here.
Marisa: Desires? Huh, thought it might be somethin' like that. Sorry for the bother.
Yuyuko: So, where will you go now?
Yuyuko: Perhaps to the graveyard behind the temple?
Marisa: Ohoho?

Stage 2: The Path to Myouren Temple

Marisa: Man, this here temple's totally aimed at youkai.
Marisa: I know there was a youkai around sweeping earlier...
Kyouko: Goooood morning!
Kyouko: Goooood morning!
Marisa: Oh, uh, mornin'.
Kyouko: Come on, speak up!
Marisa: You're noisy for it being so early.
Kyouko: Heheheh. You resent the fact I even exist, don't you?
Kyouko: As you can probably tell, I'm a yamabiko.
Kyouko: Any youkai who reject the merit of a hearty yell will soon face extinction!

Marisa: Once again I've been falsely accused of being a youkai. I don't mean today, ze.
Kyouko: "I don't mean today, ze!"
Marisa: Do you yamabiko just parrot things back?
Kyouko: Well, yes, but there's no need to tease me about it.
Kyouko: So where are you going?
Marisa: She mentioned the graveyard behind the temple...
Marisa: Feels a little awkward messing around near graves, ze.

Stage 3: Myouren Temple Graveyard

Marisa: Hm, you're that...
Kogasa: Ah, you came at a good time!
Kogasa: I saw this girl I've never seen before keeping watch.
Kogasa: But as much as I hit her, she always made me time out...
Kogasa: So hey, do something about her! Pleeease!
Marisa: Ha, even a youkai's at a loss? Very interesting.
Marisa: I'll wipe you two out together!

Marisa: Where's this girl Kogasa mentioned at?
Marisa: Hm, I feel a warm breeze...
Yoshika: Dooon't come any closeeer!
Yoshika: This isn't a good place for the likes of you to go into!
Marisa: Is that so? Then who can come in?
Yoshika: Um... anybody?
Marisa: What are you trying to protect?
Yoshika: Um... something...
Marisa: You're a terrible conversationalist. Brain rot, I suppose?
Yoshika: Even if I rot, I'm a Kyonshi! Right! I remembered!
Yoshika: We were revived to protect the mausoleum!
Marisa: Kyonshi, eh? Ah, so you really are rotten.
Yoshika: I can't let you enter! Though I can't quite remember why...
Yoshika: But if you want to become one of us, feel free!

Yoshika: Curse yooooou! I've been done iiiiin!
Marisa: Ah, geez...
Marisa: Fighting a zombie in a graveyard? What kind of B-movie is this?
Yoshika: Is this a movie? Am I a zombie?
Marisa: So do you know anything about these divine spirits?
Yoshika: Divine spirits? What're those? Are they nutritious?
Marisa: (I was a fool to think I could make conversation with a corpse...)
Marisa: Well, you rest in peace, now. Amen.
Yoshika: Make sure to wake me up tonight at ten.
Marisa: Not gonna do that!

Stage 4: Accelerating Tastes - Cave to the Dream Palace Mausoleum

Marisa: Ooh, a meaningful-looking door? Down here?
Marisa: Can't not give this an opening, eh?
Seiga: Welcome! Were you led here as well?
Marisa: Yeah, by weird spirits and dead dudes.
Seiga: It appears you took care of my delightful underling back there...
Marisa: Oh, that boss from earlier?
Marisa: I can't exactly praise you for abandoning a corpse.
Seiga: Abandoning? No, no, I didn't abandon her, you see...
Yoshika: You called?
Seiga: Once you die once, you never die again!
Yoshika: Whoargh... Who're you? What time is it?
Marisa: ...Still mornin'.
Seiga: You're an early riser! Good girl, good girl!
Seiga: Now then, shall you fight again? Against she who attracted the divine spirits to this mausoleum...
Marisa: Guess I gotta...
Marisa: If you wanna shoot the leader, shoot his horse first! Get ready for this!

Seiga: What a sight. You aren't just an ordinary human, are you?
Marisa: Yeah, I'mma ordinary magician.
Seiga: Oh, there's no need for modesty. One of the living holding their own against me is truly remarkable.
Marisa: Alright, I give. I'm a VERY ordinary magician.
Seiga: So, what is it you're after?
Marisa: Err... what was it, again?
Marisa: Oh yeah, I'm graverobbing! I mean, inspecting the ruins! Academic business and all!
Marisa: The gathering of divine spirits interests me. In an academic sense.
Seiga: Divine spirits, hm...
Seiga: I think they're just vulgar spirits praying to be turned truly divine by her power...
Marisa: Uh?

Stage 5: Blood of the One with Latent Power - Dream Palace Mausoleum

Marisa: What the? Where's the entrance to this thing?
Futo: Ah, so the day has finally come.
Futo: You who has come to celebrate in my resurrection! Who are you?!
Marisa: Congrats!
Futo: My name is Mononobe no Futo.
Futo: My resurrection signifies that one who opposes that of the Crown Prince's has appeared.
Futo: Is that the case?
Marisa: That so? I dunno.
Futo: It must be so.
Futo: For I have been sleeping here to protect this mausoleum.
Marisa: Hmmm...
Marisa: I dunno, but I bet there's treasure sleeping in this mausoleum too.
Futo: You've given yourself away.
Futo: My resurrection was meant to protect against graverobbers like you!
Futo: I shall do you in with my fusion of Taoism and the Mononobe arts!

Futo: Oof... Are you perhaps training?
Marisa: Yeah, it's good for your health.
Futo: I see... I was resurrected, but cannot yet wield my power well.
Futo: In that case, I suppose I cannot help losing.
Marisa: (What a cheap excuse... Er, not that I got anything against it.)
Marisa: Well, in that case, I'm gonna go investigate in here.
Futo: No, hold on a moment.
Futo: Hm, there's something drifting around you...
Futo: Vulgar spirits?! Could this mean...
Futo: The Crown Prince is being resurrected!
Futo: I cannot stay! Pardon me!
Marisa: Hey, you leavin' me behind?!
Marisa: Oh, whatever. That's just telling me I can go in.

Hold Harmony Sacred - Divine Spirit Mausoleum

Marisa: It's roomier than I thought in here...
Marisa: Now let's see, is there anything valuable here?
Miko: There is indeed.
Miko: This place is filled to the brim with priceless artifacts.
Marisa: Whoa there, there you are!
Miko: Take a look around you.
Miko: The fleeting lights that shine like stars in the sky - they are all human desires.
Miko: If one can see these desires, they understand all of humanity. As they are in the past, present, and future.
Miko: If one wished, they could call this mausoleum Gensokyo's akashic records...
Marisa: Understanding by desire? Okay, I finally got it now.
Marisa: You gathered all the divine spirits, right?
Miko: Indeed. Well, if we're to be exact, that's not quite correct.
Marisa: Hm?
Miko: The desires, instinctively aware of my resurrection, gathered of their own accord.
Marisa: Well, that's sure convenient...
Miko: Having seen all ten of your desires, I see both your past and your future.
Miko: You wish to defeat me and examine this mausoleum, correct?
Marisa: Ooh, can I really?
Miko: You cannot handle these desires.
Miko: You require my ability to hear ten desires at once and understand them all!
Miko: Just try to defeat me! I shall expose all your desire!

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