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Spell Card 120

Th13 120 No. 120: 桜符「桜吹雪地獄」

Cherry Blossom Sign "Cherry Blossom Blizzard Hell"

Owner: Yuyuko Saigyouji
Stage 1 — Overdrive
Comment: These flowers may look pretty, but they don't look easy to dodge.

Spell Card 121

Th13 121 No. 121: 山彦「ヤマビコの本領発揮エコー」

Mountain Echo "Yamabiko's Specialty Echo Demonstration"

Owner: Kyouko Kasodani
Stage 2 — Overdrive
Comment: Feel the power of a good yelling.

Spell Card 122

Th13 122 No. 122: 毒爪「死なない殺人鬼」

Poison Nail "Undead Murderer"

Owner: Yoshika Miyako
Stage 3 — Overdrive
Comment: Yoshika goes all out with her almost endless stock of kunais, beware.

Spell Card 123

Th13 123 No. 123: 道符「TAO胎動 ~道~」

Path Sign "TAO Fetal Movement ~Dao~" (May refer to TAO ~道~, a video game made for the Famicom.)

Owner: Seiga Kaku
Stage 4 — Overdrive
Comment: Have you ever felt like you were being chased?

Spell Card 124

Th13 124 No. 124: 怨霊「入鹿の雷」

Apparition "Iruka's Thunder"(Refers to Soga no Iruka, a member of the Soga clan which Tojiko is in. After he was assassinated, thunder struck the household of his assassin, who died soon after.)

Owner: Soga no Tojiko
Stage 5 — Overdrive
Comment: Looks the same as the lunatic one, but the curves take more time and the angle is acute.

Spell Card 125

Th13 125 No. 125: 聖童女「太陽神の贄」

Saint Little Girl "Sun Goddess's Sacrifice"

Owner: Mononobe no Futo
Stage 5 — Overdrive
Comment: Now I have a Sun Godess trauma...

Spell Card 126

Th13 126 No. 126: 「神霊大宇宙」

"Divine Spirits' Universe"

Owner: Toyosatomimi no Miko
Stage 6 — Overdrive
Comment: This time the light spheres move clock and counterclockwise.

Spell Card 127

Mamizouwildcarpet No. 127: 「ワイルドカーペット」

"Wild Carpet"

Owner: Mamizou Futatsuiwa
Extra — Overdrive
Comment: The dogs and birds come at you from both sides, although it's a little less dense.