This template formats an entire music page, including infobox, track list, etc. It is based on Doujin CD Page Template's idea and created for ease of usage. An important thing to note as well is that most categories, such as Arrange CDs, circle names, and conventions, are already done by the template.

This template is obsolete. Instead, use {{Infobox/Music}} to display the infobox, and format the rest of the page normally.


| titlejp     =Title of the CD (May be omitted if title don't consists of japanese word)
| titlejprom  =Romanization of the title of the CD
| titleen     =Translation of title of the CD
| group       =Name of the circle
| image       =Album cover filename (Without File/Image prefix)
| released    =YYYY-MM-DD
| tracks      =How many tracks of the album
| website     =[{{homepage-URL}} Link]
| length      =Album Running-Length
| catalogno   =Album's catalog number
| tracklist   =The tracklist, please see below for more info
| musictype   =Auto add category for Official CDs/Arrange CDs, just write either one of "Official CDs" or "Arrange CDs"

The parameter below are optional

| groupCat    =Only use if the group is linked or contains Unicode characters. Contains the Circle's romanized name.
| groupCat2   =2nd group if a collaboration
| convention  =Convention the CD was released at
| banner      =Album banner filename (Without File/Image prefix)
| arranger    =Album's arranger
| lyricist    =Album's lyricist
| vocalist    =Album's vocalist
| producer    =Album's producer
| illustrator =Album art's illustrator
| designer    =Album's designer
| masterer    =Album's mastering person
| other       =If above parameter not available, use this parameter to add such as Violinist or Guitarist
| review      =Album's review (?)


This is the basic outline for the song. First, an asterisk. Then, the track number and a period. Put a 0 as the tens digit for tracks less than 10, even if there are less than 10 tracks on the album. After the track number, the ORIGINAL title - meaning the Japanese one - is put in boldface. After that, the length of the track should be put in parentheses and italicized. On the line after that, if the title is Japanese, place the English translation for the title in italics as a bullet. On the next lines, put:

**''Translated Title''
**arrangement: Name of arranger
**lyrics: Name of lyricist
**vocals: Name of vocalist
**other stuff: Name of other stuff-ist (for example, the scenario writing for IOSYS dramas)
**original title: The exact title of the song from its original Touhou
If the song happens to be a medley/combination of a few songs, place those
names in next-level bullets.
**source: A link to the main page of the Touhou game in {{abbreviation}}
format. For example, {{MoF}} gives [[Mountain of Faith|東方風神録 ~ Mountain of Faith]]
Keep in mind that for [[Touhou Hisoutensoku]] arrangements, {{UNL}} is used.


*08. '''easy acces''' ''(06:43)''
** arrangement: tsunamix
** lyrics: w*m
** original title: {{lang|ja|ネイティブフェイス}}
** source: {{MoF}}

as a result:

Do this for all the songs.
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