Please copy the coding below and implement it in High scores.

{{FW WR‎
|Route A1 xxx Score   = Score
|Route A1 xxx Player  = Player
|Route A1 xxx Date    = Date
|Route A2 xxx Score   =
|Route A2 xxx Player  =
|Route A2 xxx Date    =
|Route B1 xxx Score  =
|Route B1 xxx Player =
|Route B1 xxx Date   =
|Route B2 xxx Score  =
|Route B2 xxx Player =
|Route B2 xxx Date   =
|Route C1 xxx Score   =
|Route C1 xxx Player  =
|Route C1 xxx Date    =
|Route C2 xxx Score   =
|Route C2 xxx Player  =
|Route C2 xxx Date    =
|Route Ex Score   =
|Route Ex Player  =
|Route Ex Date    =

Note: xxx are difficulty, for example: Easy, Normal, Hard & Lunatic

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