What is the source of the names of them?

I wrote the transcription of the article of Sunny Milk in PMiSS, and after a time a good person had my writings more accurate. Thanks! That was like this; "you writes Lunarchild & Starsaphire, but those are not good spelling. They don't match their names in the page of 'Eastern and Little Nature Deity'". Luna Child & Star Sapphire."
When I see PMiSS, their names are written vertically on the right side as "サニーミルク Sunnymilk". The names of the other 2 fairies are "ルナチャイルド Lunarchild" and "スターサファイア Starsaphire". Of course the spelling "saphire" isn't better. "Star" is an English word, not German word, so "sapphire" is better. Of course ZUN doesn't alway write things in correct spelling. But I think that the original spelling should be respected in some degree. What is the source of the names of 3 mischievous fairies in this page? --Masuo64 05:33, 20 March 2008 (PDT)

This page scanned from Eastern and Little Nature Deity appears to be unedited (unfortunately. I wonder why the little 4-koma was left untranslated). -Winane 08:50, 20 March 2008 (PDT)
Hmm... Thank you, Winane-san! That page is p.23 of the former Sangatsusei. The picture brings me confused which we should follow. For the time being, I understand that ZUN sometimes doesn't care about character's spelling in Romaji (in Japanized Latin alphabet), and that we're maybe better to follow the spelling in the picture except indices of PMiSS; the first appearance of her name on the PMiSS page of each fairy.
Do you need a translation of 4-koma?
1. Remilia: "Hey! Reimu's shrine is all so far, isn't it?" Sakuya: "It's strange... I suppose it would come out soon..."
2. Sunny: "Ahaha, they're getting lost, getting lost." Star: "They doesn't seem to get there for a while." Luna: "But the maid seems to have a quite keen sense...?"
3. Sunny: "Have no fear! Absolutely we can't be discov..."
4. Remilia: "What's the matter, Sakuya?" Sakuya: (じー is Japanese onomatopoeia meaning staring)"... Well, it might just be me." 3's: " " "That was cloooose!!!" " "
I think this translation will be OK. --Masuo64 10:23, 20 March 2008 (PDT)

I'd just like to mention that both Sunnymilk and Star Sapphire are listed as "wisest among the three". Since I can't remember which one's actually supposed to be the least stupid, I thought I'd comment on it so that someone could fix it.


I think that doing a Google search for this phrase pretty much confirms that this is a common name for Luna Child. Does anyone disagree? -- 03:59, September 14, 2010 (UTC)

It reads as "Runa Cha", meaning "Luna Tea" (茶 is tea). Maybe "Cha" is the short form from "Child", or maybe she likes tea, or else, pun of "Lunatic"? I don't know... Antimo 06:31, September 15, 2010 (UTC)

Star's 'sensibility'

"Age: Unknown, Apparently the most sensible among the three" Says the description about Star's age in her main profile. Now, "Apparently the most sensible among the three" doesn't quite sound like an age description of a character, so I think this part should be dropped from her age description and be moved to either her abilities description or to the fun facts. I'd like to know how everyone thinks of this. Deathsoul4 02:36, October 10, 2010 (UTC)


  • Info is not correct for all, it's just a test.
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