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Is there a reason why Mokou's name is always written as ふじわらのもこう (Huzirawa no Mokou) instead of simply ふじわらもこう (Fujiwara Mokou)? Or why Huriwara is such a common way of writing her family name even though Fujiwara seems so much more common in English?

--Deciare 12:18, 4 Jun 2005 (PDT)

The extra の is added because all members of the powerful Fujiwara clan of old Japan were named that way, as a sign of status I'm assuming. Because she has that extra の, because the Fujiwara clan was very close to the emperor, and because the Kaguyahime folktale talks of the emperor himself falling in love with Kaguya, I am assuming that Mokou's last name is supposed to be Fujiwara. The name in the IN transcript will stay "Huziwara", since that's what the game says, but all other evidence points to "Fujiwara", which is what her article will be named.
--Leviathean 14:08, 4 Jun 2005 (PDT)
Complement. This problem comes from exisiting several types of romanization of Japanese. To follow Kunrei Shiki (cabinet ordered style), it should be "huzi". To follow Hebon Shiki (Hepburn's style), it should be "fuji". You may suppose that being several romanization styles is odd and nonsystematic. But Japanese pronounciation as "ふ" & "じ" is, in IPA style, [ɸɯ] & [ʑi]. This is similar to "fu"-"hu" or "zi"-"ji", but these are like [fu]-[hu] or [zi]-[ʒi], so there isn't English sounds like Japanese "ふ" or "じ" sound, and old Japanese people considered how they should romanize. That is why there are several ways to romanize "ふじ".
There is such a difference on other Character's names. For example, Youmu Konpaku is "Konpaku", but we can write as "Kompaku" to follow Hepburn Style.
Romaji isn't a every-day writing style for normal Japanese people (it's very rare to write all letters in Romaji), so most of Japanese people don't know that there are some types of romanization, even that how they should write a better Romaji. For example, a baseball player had his name on the back of uniform like this: "Shinjyo". Anyway... Kannushi might well love Kunrei-shiki better, otherwise he might not know accurately how to write Romaji... --Masuo64 12:31, 5 March 2008 (PST)

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That subtitle was my job, when it was way before Wiki/Patch project and at that time I didn't pay attention on accuracy and focused more on coolness of the sound of Engrish.
There might be more of that through IN stuffs... namely, the name "Neil Armstrong" in Kaguya's episode was put there by me based on my guess, even though it's obvious who put the first flag on the moon in our history... er wait, was that another man in the ship?
Either way, it was like my indiscretions of youth... I gotta fix them.

-Aona 22:07, 8 Sep 2005 (PDT)

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