If Shoot the Bullet (which came with Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red) was TH9.5, and Phantasmagoria of Flower View was TH09, then shouldn't Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red be listed last on Aya's page? Just mentioning since that's the way I understand the order of events, and every other character page lists the profiles in order of oldest to newest. Actually, I don't know when Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red was released because I don't know what month it was. All I know is that both TH09 and TH9.5 were in 2005. Maybe TH9.5 didn't come with Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red and I'm just missreading it? At any rate, at the very least her "description" and "appearances" portion at the top of her page lists 9 and 9.5 in a different order for both of them. I'm just not sure which has the right order.

“(Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red) ... She also has black wings.” Aya doesn't seem to have the wings consistently; for instance, in the first comic, “Kaze no Gôgai”, she has no wings, whereas in some pictures, say, in Yômu's article, she has. --爆龍 23:55, 14 August 2007 (PDT)

I'm actually going by whoever did the cover art as the source for the official description, since that's the same artist that made what's being used here as Aya's BAiJR portrait- Media:BAiJRaya00.png Since it looks like she has a wing there behind her (although a very small one) I think she has wings. Although if that particular artist doesn't quite count as more official than the others then maybe it should be changed to say "She is sometimes shown with black wings." -Redpanda
I don't really see why this artist should be any more official than any other of the numerous ones in Bohemian Archive, so I would go for that wording, myself. --爆龍 09:26, 16 August 2007 (PDT)


Does anyone manage to know what it's written in her armband? -Dandan550 09:58, March 19, 2010 (UTC)

A very interesting mix of 取材中 (reporting) and the kanji 写 (take photos). 取 of 取材中 is written as 写又 in such a way that it looks like 取! Yeah. I'm bad at explaining stuff. _dk 10:19, March 19, 2010 (UTC)


Sources please. More than 10 and I'm satisfied.

One possible source is Pooshlmer by a Kebinu (you can even ask for the pic in a thread and I think he'd be proud to show it off) with a MoF image akin to the "God Hand in short" picture; at one of the pictures it has Aya in the background say "I give ZUN blow jobs"; that's among many things he disliked about MoF. This might have resonated with all the butthurt fanboys who was upset at MoF and Aya getting her own game, not realizing:

-IN was infamous for being a bomb spam game with questionable balance -ZUN had the concept before he even made Aya, so the she was more made for the game than the game was made for her. And that's not even taking into account StB was a quickly slapped together game made for the release of BAiJR. -Fan favorites seen in past games are mainly focused on their jobs and if an incident doesn't involve their home, they stay out of it. Aya in contrast, isn't fettered by her job and can go all over Gensokyo. -Many powerful beings hold back in Danmaku for various reasons. And Aya isn't the first one in the games to have no intention of winning. The first example would be Letty in PCB, fighting half heartedly since even she thinks Winter's gone on too long.

Games after MoF did little to help, with SWR having Aya in it as a strong beginner character, and SA with her as an effective partner. Then here comes this game with her as the lead as opposed to a real TH13, and as a result of this being Hatate's game and other factors, even she gets some absurd hate. --StriderTuna 19:42, April 17, 2010 (UTC)

Name connection

Aya Mifune was Speed Racer's Mother's name, which could be a nod to her being the fastest in Gensokyo.

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