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The Spoken-of Unexplainable Phenomenon

星熊 勇儀 Hoshigum Yugi

Yuugi Hoshiguma

能力        怪力乱神を持つ程度の能力

Ability: The capability to wield unexplainable phenomena

危険度       極高

Threat level: Very High

人間友好度    不明

Human friendship level: Unknown

主な活動場所   旧地獄

Main place of activity: Former Hell


An oni who silences crying children[1]. While it's unknown where all the oni went, it's been confirmed that at least one lives in Former Hell. It's quite likely that there are other oni living in Former Hell as well. While oni have a strong sense of camaraderie, they even have a sense of independence as well so it seems she doesn't know where the others live.


It is said that she possesses an abnormal level of superhuman strength. According to Suika Ibuki, another oni, "She's weaker than me in magical powers, but she may be stronger than me physically."(*1) Although this is just a rumor, it is said that her supernatural strength is of the level where her footsteps alone are enough to make a building near by collapse.


The sake dish she carries, called the Hoshiguma Dish, increases the quality of any sake poured into it(*2). This seems to be an oni treasure. Its compatibility with the Ibuki Gourd carried by Suika Ibuki is particularly high.


Currently, she has cut off all contact with humans. In addition, she has also cut off contact with the youkai on the surface. For these reasons, there is little information on her.


Regarding her personality, she is firm of character and straightforward. She likes the strong, the brave, and the honest, while conversely she shows no mercy towards the weak, the cowardly, and the sly.


Reason for Remaining in Former Hell


There is said to be a large city within Former Hell. At the time when it was still a part of Hell, it was where the working oni lived, and was the only place which was unreachable by the undead.


To reduce costs, Hell went through some streamlining, and the area was discarded.


Even though it had fallen to ruin, some youkai took a liking to it and willfully occupied what is now known as Former Hell. This place is more chaotic than above ground. The wild inhabitants, particularly those hated by humans, change residence as they please.


When youkai were isolated in Gensoukyou and established rules between them, the youkai inhabitants of Former Hell chose not to follow them. It's been confirmed recently however that discussions have inevitably taken place regarding a so-called mutual non-agression pact.


Since she had started to feel she wasn't discovering enjoyment from human interaction, she decided to take up residence in Former Hell, where rough and wild companions were plenty. Apparently there is comfort in a place where putting others into submission by force is forgiven. However, her curiosity about the recent human invaders (Suika Ibuki's story) will likely turn into an additional source of distress.




Attempting to battle is not a option.


Timid humans are despised by her. With regards to not being despised, it's difficult for both humans and youkai alike to stand firm in front of an oni.


Although, even if you are looked upon favorably you'll probably be asked to drink together or partake in tests of strengths, which is also quite troubling. Instead of worrying about being liked or hated, it's best to conduct oneself from the start so as to be ignored.


1: She also said "But when it comes to drinking, there's no comparison (I'm definitely stronger)."

*2 注がれた瞬間に純米大吟醸となるが、時間と共に劣化するという。急いで呑まないと損をする杯であるが……一升入る大盃である。

2: The moment it is filled with sake in the highest quality[2], but the sake deteriorates over time. Although, it is a dish which you'll find unprofitable if you don't drink quickly enough... but it is a big dish that could hold quite an amount of sake.


1. ^  A Japanese idiom for "being mighty or fearsome".
2. ^  Jummai Daiginjou is the most high-ranked nihonshu in the rank of nihonshu.