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Loyal Undead

宮古 芳香 Miyako Yoshika

Yoshika Miyako

能力        何でも喰う程度の能力

Ability: Eating anything

危険度      極高

Threat level: Very high

人間友好度   皆無

Human friendship level: None

主な活動場所  墓地

Main place of activity: Cemetery


A jiang shi controlled by a wicked hermit. A jiang shi usually won't last long as it is a corpse. However, her body won't rot due to an anti-decomposition spell that has been put on her (*1).


Being a jiang shi, she doesn't have a sense of self and such. As she doesn't feel pain or get tired, she can bring out the full potential of her body, displaying incredible strength (*2).


Her personality is unknown. Instead of saying that her thoughts and feelings cannot be read…it's more like she's not thinking anything and cannot feel anything. She follows the wicked hermit's orders loyally, since she can't tell what is going on before her anyway. A job like "Let's see you fry a fish" to her is the equivalent of "Staring at the fish even when it's burned down to ashes". Even though she is a loyal subordinate, she is probably not a very useful one.


When She Was Still Alive


It is impossible to tell which era she is from now.


There is not a single person in Gensokyo who remembers her, her corpse belongs to the wicked hermit (*3). Judging from the anti-rotting spell the wicked hermit cast on her, she is probably not from this era.


In spite of not having any blemishes on her body, it seems like she died at a young age. After inquiring a medical expert, it was suggested that she may have been killed by poison. Even so, being a corpse with no relatives, no one would investigate the truth behind her death. Every crime has a statute of limitations after all.


But there are times we can believe that she seems to have some memories when she was still alive. Once the ofuda is removed and she is freed from the wicked hermit's control, it seems that she will revert back to her old behaviours. One time she was composing poems while looking completely spaced out in the whole cemetery all covered with a carpet of autumnal leaves. It was a little horrifying.


How to Deal With


She will attack people for no particular reason, so take extra caution.


Most attacks are useless (*4) against her since she does not feel pain. However, as she is slow, it's easy to get away from her. If she targets you, you should leave the area immediately.


If by any chance you got bitten by her. It's all over.


Even if it's temporary, you will still become an ugly jiang shi. Furthermore, you'd be helping to create more jiang shi if you unconsciously bit someone else. Just because of this you must absolutely avoid her.

*1 脳髄は除く。

1: Except her brain.

*2 人間は、通常限界の八分の一程度までしか力を出せないらしい。

2: Generally speaking, humans can only use 1/8 of their full power.

*3 死体は物として扱われる。通常は親族が引き取る。

3: Handling a corpse like an object. Normally relatives would take it back.

*4 ダメージは与えているが、怯む事は無い。

4: She can get hurt, but she won't feel any fear.