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The Bright Net in the Dark Cave

黒谷 ヤマメ Kurodani Yamame

Yamame Kurodani

能力        病気(主に感染症)を操る程度の能力

Ability: Manipulating illness (mainly infectious disease)

危険度       高

Threat level: High

人間友好度    極低

Human friendship level: Very Low

主な活動場所   暗闇の風穴内

Main place of activity: Inside the Dark Blowhole


A youkai who lurks in dark caves. She's an earth spider who lies in wait for people entering the cave.


If you meet this youkai, there is a severe chance that you will suffer from a high fever of unknown cause, your appetite will decrease, and without treatment, you may even waste away and die.


The blowhole at the foot of Youkai Mountain leads to her dwelling, so you absolutely mustn't enter. Careless actions could pose trouble for the entire village.


Since she knows that she's hated, she rarely ever shows up in the village. She may be a youkai, but if the entire population of humans started attacking her, she wouldn't be able to put up a fight. That said, that doesn't mean she specifically takes care not to cause problems for humans.


The nature of her personality is uncertain, but according to humans who returned safely, she's a youkai who can be reasoned with.


The Earth Spider as a Construction Worker


Earth spiders specialize in construction, and some secretly go above ground. They take requests, chiefly from the oni, kappa, and tengu, then emerge above ground and construct a building in one night.


These unsung heroes may very well be the reason why youkai buildings are completed so much faster than human ones.


True Nature of the Disease

何人かの患者を調べたところ、共通して高熱が出るという症状が事が判っている。[1] しかし、その程度の情報しかわからず正体不明の病である。

After examining some patients, it was found that all of them share the symptom of a high fever. However, this is the only information available on the disease, which remains unidentified.


It may be wise to speak with the doctor living at Eientei; she is apparently investigating a wonder drug. However, since the symptoms of the disease change slightly every year, it cannot be treated with ordinary methods(*1).




Never enter the blowhole.


Also, she sometimes appears above ground at nighttime, so don't let your guard down during the night.


If you contract a high fever of unknown cause, isolate yourself and call a doctor. Even if you can't afford to pay the bill, they will proactively (at a low price) offer to cure these types of infectious diseases. In the case that the result of the examination turns out to not be an epidemic disease, pay the doctor's fee.

*1 毎年最初に病人が見つかった場所の名前を取って、玄武の沢B型とかお蕎麦屋A型など病名が付けられている。

1: The disease is named after the place where the first patient of each year is found, like Genbu Marsh Type B or Soba Noodle Shop Type A.


1. ^  This should be a misprinting of "症状がある事が".