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Scorching, Troublesome Divine Flame

霊烏路 空 Reiuzi Utuho

Utsuho Reiuji

能力        核融合を操る程度の能力

Ability: Manipulating nuclear fusion

危険度       不明

Threat level: Unknown

人間友好度    不明

Human friendship level: Unknown

主な活動場所   旧地獄の灼熱地獄跡 (間欠泉センターの最深部)

Main place of activity: The Remains of Blazing Hell in Former Hell (deepest part of the Geyser Center)


A Hell Raven who inhabits the inner depths of Former Hell. Most of the youkai who inhabit Former Hell moved in when the place had turned to ruin. It appears however that the Hell Ravens were there from the beginning, native inhabitants if you will.


Thanks to the recently established connection with the above world, the existence of this endemic species(*1) has been confirmed. A bird born from the darkness of hell, it does not have the specific characteristics of a youkai.


But, she is a special existence even among them. She possesses the named divine spirit within her body. Possessing a divine spirit means you have become like a walking branch shrine[1]. It is a difficult feat for both humans and youkai. It could be only done by one having no personality, as well as being unnamed, and without attachments, as well as having a great deal of tolerance that accepts everything. A lot of effort is also necessary. The easiest way would be to make your head completely hollow.


She has a queer appearance. Although she takes this mysterious appearance, she has the "Leg of Fission" which the existence of is suspicious, the "Leg of Fusion" which looks heavy, and she has a canon-like object on her arm; This, in fact, is the "Third Leg" which is surprising to be a leg. She also has the bright red "Red Eye" on her chest; all of these are due to the affect of the Yatagarasu which she took in.


She doesn't come to the surface or interact with humans much so her personality is unclear.


What can be confirmed with certainty is that the inside of her head is pretty hollow.




The divine spirit taken inside of her, Yatagarasu, is a high status divine spirit that could appear even in the Records of Ancient Matters.


It is said that the Yatagarasu is a raven that lives within the sun. While a bit rough on the eyes, it's possible to see its form from above ground. This form of the Yatagarasu is the thing referred to as a 'sunspot'. Approximately once every 11 years its power grows, and it is said that sunspots can be seen in great numbers at that time.


This God's power is the power of the sun, a divine flame. It is this power that has become hers.


The divine flame is above that of extreme heat, so it will continue to burn even if left as-is. This makes it extremely difficult to control. Her power is less the ability to release the divine flame and more, how to put it, utilize it by means of controlling it.


The reason she came to take in this divine spirit appears to be a cause made by Kanako Yasaka.


I wonder what the Yatagarasu has in its mind for being sent to the Former Hell to divide spirits with the hated residents, while it has the high-loyalty and the divinity of the Sun that couldn't be any more.




It is not certain whether or not she's even dangerous.


While they don't come above ground very often, it's at least worth remembering that such youkai exist below ground.


By the way, thanks to this youkai a hot spring has appeared. One should take time to enjoy this blessing.

*1 隔離された特定の環境で発生し、そこでしか見られない動物、妖怪等。

1: Animals and youkai which could be only seen in a specific isolated environment, that they have been given birth to.


1. ^  'Branch shrine' meaning akin to a 'bank branch'.