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Ghost of the Children of the Gods

蘇我 屠自古 Soga no Toziko

Soga no Tojiko

能力        雷を起こす程度の能力

Ability: Ability to cause thunder

危険度      極高

Threat level: Very high

人間友好度   低

Human friendship level: Low

主な活動場所  不明

Main place of activity: Unknown


The bourei of a human from ancient times. Carries a grudge against humans, her nature is that of the so-called vengeful spirit.


Although she serves Toyosatomimo no Miko as a vassal along with Mononobe no Futo, unlike Futo she didn't become a shikaisen along with Miko, instead remaining as a bourei. As for why, she seems to have been set up by Futo.


To begin with, Futo and Tojiko were mutual enemies from the struggle over Buddhism. Although in the end Tojiko's side won, it seems she responded to Futo's appeal to work together in secret. The details of the plan were along the lines of "We'll let Buddhism rule for now, but after Miko revives and becomes a powerful leader we can both revive as her chiefs of staff."


The temporary body that she's using is a jar(*1). She wanted to move to a new body that would never decay, but Futo switched it with an unbaked jar. After Tojiko attached her soul to it, it melted away quickly. Due to that, she remained a bourei without a physical body.


As for why Futo did such a thing, it's surely because of a grudge from the conflict between their two families that led to the downfall of the Mononobe. Although she realized the deception immediately after becoming a bourei, it turned out that not having a physical body was surprisingly pleasant so she doesn't seem to mind too much.


Her personality is ill-bred and tender-hearted. She also has a hot temper. When mad she literally makes thunder fall, because of this she poses an immense danger.




Making thunder fall is actually a common ability among vengeful spirits. Vengeful spirits are just clusters of anger, but you as we call the act of raging "bringing down thunder", anger and thunder are quite closely related.


For small vengeful spirits, at best they can make a rumbling sound, but as their resentment level increases they can make a sparking sound, and greater spirits can actually bring down thunder.


As she can bring down thunder around her, she seems like a reasonably high class vengeful spirit.


How to Deal With


Vengeful spirits are dangerous to both humans and youkai.


The way to deal with her is to not get near her. If you meet her, try not to make her angry.


Fortunately, her grudge has almost disappeared, so she's become just an ordinary thunder causing bourei. If you take care not to provoke her, there should be few problems.


Incidentally, idiots and thunder like high places, so thunder falls on high places(*2). If you happen to anger her, you should lower your stance.[2]

*1 詳細は布都の「尸解仙」の項目を参照。

1: See Futo's entry for the details of the shikaisen process.

*2 出る杭は打たれる、も同じ。

2: It's the same as the stake sticking out of the ground getting struck down.[3]


1. ^  It should be a misprinting of "密接.
2. ^  What the writer (Akyuu) is intending is unclear, but there is a Japanese proverb "baka to kemuri wa takai tokoro ga suki" (lit."idiots and smoke like high places", 馬鹿と煙は高い所が好き). There are several pieces of interpretation: for example, idiots love meaningless climbing up a high place like jungle gym, or idiots love getting attention.
3. ^  As Akyuu writes down, there is indeed such a Japanese proverb, but it means that one must not put himself forward and stick out from the crowd. Essentially, one should learn his place lest he gets ostracized. This proverb is often said to show a characteristic point of Japanese society.