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Symbol of Loneliness and Demise

秋 静葉 Aki Sizuha

Shizuha Aki

能力        紅葉を司る程度の能力

Ability: Governing autumn leaves

危険度       低

Threat level: Low

人間友好度    高

Human friendship level: High

主な活動場所   妖怪の山、魔法の森等

Main place of activity: Youkai Mountain, Forest of Magic, etc.


She is a god of Gensokyo's autumn, in particular the deciduous broadleaf trees. When the end of autumn approaches, her power causes the trees to turn a fiery red: the so-called autumn colors. Since she carefully paints each leaf one by one, she can't prevent some unevenness from appearing. That's why yellow and dark brown are mixed together.


Autumn leaves turn into fallen leaves. This is another one of her jobs. She carefully drops each leaf, one by one... or so you might think, but it appears that she kicks the trees, wildly scattering the leaves.


She has a younger sister, also a god. Her little sister is one of the gods of autumn, and rules over the harvest. Shizuha is somewhat jealous of her sister's higher popularity with humans.


Her personality is pessimistic; she believes that the end (*1) will always come. Outside of autumn, she does nothing, and is even prone to disappear.


How to Deal With


There is no danger.


When you're in the mood to see beautiful autumn foliage, try to remember her.

*1 一年の終わり。

1: The end of the year.