Satori Symposium


The Girl even the Vengeful Spirits Fear

古明地 さとり Komeiji Satori

Satori Komeiji

能力        心を読む程度の能力

Ability: Reading minds

危険度      極高

Threat level: Very high

人間友好度   皆無

Human friendship level: None

主な活動場所  地霊殿

Main place of activity: Palace of the Earth Spirits


Even among the hated residents of Former Hell, there is a group of youkai that stands out as particularly hated: the satori. They couldn't get along neither with people nor youkai and sought refuge in the Former Hell, but they ended up being hated by the youkai there as well.


The reason for that is because she has the power to read minds. No one wants to meet someone who can read their mind after all. It's not merely a matter of having your mind laid bare before her. It's more like conversation becomes completely impossible. She has secluded herself in a place called the Palace of the Earth Spirits and has completely abandoned communication with others.


There are no visitors to the Palace of the Earth Spirits. She's made sure of that.


However, she's loved by the wordless animals. To the animals, being able to read minds is a unique power. For that reason, there are many animals living in the Palace of the Earth Spirits(*1).


She can also read the minds of the wordless spirits. Because of that, the vengeful spirits also avoid her. Vengeful spirits are unlike animals, in that they long for conversation. The reason doesn't need to be said: "Beings that use words are all two-faced."


She puts the vengeful spirits' fear of her to proper use: she manages the remaining spirits of Remains of Blazing Hell. Because it's impossible to hide things from her, there are no rebels. Incidentally, the Palace of the Earth Spirits was built directly above the Hell of Blazing Fires.


She has a younger sister.


Her Pet Orin


Among her pets is Rin Kaenbyou. It seems she prefers to be called Orin.


Because Orin can talk to vengeful spirits, she acts as Satori's right hand man. Because of their aforementioned starvation for communication, vengeful spirits run from Satori and towards Orin who they are attached to. Orin does most of the spirit management.


I say management, but with the minimal fluctuation in their numbers, mostly she just lets vengeful spirits freely in her range.


Her Pet Okuu


Utsuho Reiuji is another of her pets. She is called Okuu.


Born in Hell as a Hell Crow, she is a being that can withstand the heat of the Hell of Blazing Fires. Therefore, she took on the burden of regulating its temperature.


While she is a birdbrain, I believe she's well suited for unskilled labor.


She gets along particularly well with Orin. All of Satori's pets adore her, so there is a strong sense of camaraderie among them.


Palace of the Earth Spirits


The mansion from which the Hell of Blazing Fires is managed. It comes equipped with heated floors.


Only the Komeiji sisters spend much time there so it's far too spacious(*2). There are no visitors.


Even within the Palace of the Earth Spirits Satori doesn't move much, mostly staying in her room reading and writing books. She especially loves stories with a lot of psychological detail. By reading and writing books, she can experience the same kind of excitement as the people whose minds she reads. It's possible she's the writer of many books with anonymous authors.


The rest of the premises are used by the pets. It's condition is similar to a zoo.




Although she's a terrifying youkai, luckily there's no chance you'll meet her.


In the one-in-a-million event that you do meet her, it's safer to just act defiantly than to come up with any kind of terrible plan.


Incidentally, her battle prowess is completely unknown. Since she secludes herself so much, she's probably not very strong.

*1 博麗霊夢さん曰く『良いように奴隷にしているだけ』

1: According to Reimu Hakurei: "They're just well-treated slaves."

*2 地獄は地上に比べ非常に広い。旧地獄も例外では無い。

2: Hell in general is unusually spacious compared to the surface. Former Hell is no exception.


1. ^  It is a misprinting of "活かし".

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