Parsee Symposium


The Jealousy Beneath the Earth's Crust

水橋 パルスィ Mizuhashi Parsee

Parsee Mizuhashi

能力        嫉妬心を操る程度の能力

Ability: Manipulating jealousy

危険度       中

Threat level: Medium

人間友好度    皆無

Human friendship level: None

主な活動場所   旧地獄

Main place of activity: Former Hell


A youkai living underground, she's a bridge princess.


The former hell has become a place for those who are despised; she is one of them. At any rate, she's a youkai with strong jealousy.


She instigates the jealous feelings in people's hearts. She lives off people being driven mad by their jealousy and slowly destroying their lives. To her, humans who are driven by jealousy are indispensable.


Her jealousy is irrational. She becomes jealous of someone as soon as she thinks they're happier than she is. If it's someone in the same state as her, she'll boast about how she is more unfortunate. Even if someone is more unfortunate than her, as long as that person does not envy her (for being less unhappy), she will start to become jealous of them. If they were to envy her, their jealousy would become her food. It's truly hopeless.


However, this does not mean that she is unlucky. As long as there is jealousy, she will have unlimited power, and no one will target her either. She heard that the former hell has many comrades who are also hated by others. Not all jealous people are unfortunate, right? Isn't it because of their jealousy that they look so unfortunate?


She is a youkai yet she has the personality of a human. It's probably not going too far to call her the very embodiment of jealousy. She seems surprisingly bright and normal when you talk to her directly, but what is going on in her heart is a completely different story. She will say bad things about you behind your back, and start resenting you. Very unpleasant.


Imprecation in the Dead of Night


There is a kind of curse called "Ushi no koku mairi[1]". This is a famous sorcery used by resentful people to take revenge on others.


It's widely believed that this practice originated from her. Although there's no formal way of doing it, nailing a straw doll to wood at 2:30 AM and not being seen are common points.


There are not many reports indicating that the curse was ever successful. For some reason the curse itself does not have vengeful meanings. there's a lot of strain on the person doing it, and amplifying one's own jealousy towards others isn't much of a curse(*1).


So why is this kind of useless curse so widespread?


Ushi no koku mairi is a curse that increases jealousy. Based on this, one would think that it is a curse created by her. Luring humans to do the curse, instigating jealousy in their hearts, and increasing her power.


How to Deal With


Don't be provoked by her and it should be fine.


She has the power to amplify jealousy, it will no doubt lead to self-destruction if you don't have the mental fortitude to take all the jealousy. Many humans became her food as they tried to reject all the jealousy.


Even if you ran into her, just a simple greeting shouldn't be a problem.


If you became driven by jealousy, though, vent it out with alcohol.

*1 精々、背中がチクッとする程度である。

1: The best it can do is just sending a sudden chill down the spine.


1. ^  lit., a visit to shrine at the dead of night to put a curse of death on somebody.
2. ^  This is a misprinting of "大して".

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