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Super Youkai Warhead

河城 にとり Kawasiro Nitori

Nitori Kawashiro

能力        水を操る程度の能力

Ability: Manipulating water

危険度      高

Threat level: High

人間友好度   中

Human friendship level: Medium

主な活動場所  玄武の沢等

Main place of activity: Genbu Marsh and so forth

玄武の沢に棲む河童の一人である。河童は非常に多く生息していて、一つの社会を築いているようだ。  河童全般に言える事だが、非常に手先が器用で道具の作製に長けている。人間には理解不能なレベルの高い技術を保持しているようだ。しかし、その技術は一部の妖怪の為にしか解放されていない。

One of the kappa living in Genbu Marsh. There are unusually many kappa, so they've created their own society. This is about kappa in general, but they're unusually skilled with their hands and excel at making tools. She has engineering skills at a level that humans cannot even understand. However, she doesn't offer her skills to any but a small group of youkai.


In her backpack and pockets she keeps every kind of implement, material, fuel and mysterious substance. Even though she has no trouble making any kind of physical tool, she is somewhat bad at producing cursed artifacts and magical items.


Because of her timidness, if she is alone she will run away when approached by humans or youkai. Among other kappa she seems to be bright and fun-loving, but when alone after failing to run away, she adopts an arrogant attitude. Deep in her heart she seems to look down on humans and other youkai, and she's terrible at hiding it.




Her ability to control water isn't done through tools, but through her own power as a kappa.


I can only guess what the full extent of the control is, but she can do things like create fountains, shoot water, and water tricks[1].


Encounters with the kappa don't happen very often, but it is dangerous to get near their hideout. This is because they can use their control over water to drown people.


They have a characteristic called tsuuhai.[2] Tsuuhai is a feature meaning that their arms are connected[3] and able to stretch or shrink them freely, but it is said that it looks like they are just using a tool to stretch their arms.


The Kappa Bazaar


Periodically, they open the Kappa Bazaar. With the goal of gathering a budget, they sell products that they're proud of.


While there aren't many other opportunities to get your hands on valuable kappa tools, since other youkai also gather at the bazaar, it is difficult for humans to approach.


However, there is value in going despite acknowledging the danger. While I don't know what they're selling, the moment when you finally find what you're looking for is supreme bliss(*1).


A Catalog of Kappa Tools

写真機 …… 風景を紙に写し取る道具である。原理は不明。真ん中の人間の魂が吸い取られる。

Camera Machine... A tool that copies the scenery onto paper. The theory is unknown. It absorbs the souls of humans caught in the center of the frame.

電話機 …… 遠く離れた場所へ声を送る道具である。原理は不明。たまに霊魂の声を拾う。

Phone Machine... A tool that sends voices to faraway places. The theory is unknown. Sometimes picks up the voices of ghosts.

計算機 …… 文章の記録だけで無く、計算したり出来る手帳。原理は不明。たまに固まる。

Calculator Machine... A notebook that can not only be written on, but can also do calculations. The theory is unknown. Sometimes locks up.

掃除機 …… 自動的に掃除してくれる道具。原理は不明。吸い込んだ物は何処に行くのだろうか。

Vacuum Machine ... An automatic sweeping tool. The theory is unknown. I wonder where the things it inhales go to?

尻子器 …… 尻子玉を綺麗に取り出せる道具。要らない。

Shiriko Device ... A tool for cleanly extracting shirikodama. Don't need.




If you get close she'll pull you into the river and extract your shirikodama. Humans that have their shirikodama extracted die. Because there's a ferociously brutal part you should be careful.


The tsuuhai-using tool is also another reason that people can't meddle with her. This tsuuhai is the reason why she could grab the legs of people even when they're walking a ways from the river. It can extend further than you think, so be careful when near the river.


Since she loves cucumbers, she'll often let you go if you give her one.

*1 そして、手に入れた道具の使い方も手探りである。

1: And then you fumble around trying to figure out how to use it.


1. ^  A classical trick magic in Japan, with water and a large stage.
2. ^  Tsuuhai refers to the Chinese martial art Tongbeiquan (通背拳) where the outgoing arm reaches further than normally expected, as if it has been extended.
3. ^  Look at this if you aren't getting the idea of what this sentence is saying.