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The Dowser Little General

ナズーリン Nazlin


能力        探し物を探し当てる程度の能力

Ability: Finding sought-for items

危険度      中

Threat level: Medium

人間友好度   低

Human friendship level: Low

主な活動場所  幻想郷全域

Main place of activity: The whole of Gensokyo


She is Shou Toramaru's mouse familiar, but she is in fact a high-ranking youkai dispatched by the real Bishamonten. Her job is to assist and keep an eye on Shou.


Her specialty is dowsing. Dowsing is a type of divination used to locate ground water, but in her case, her dowsing is not just for that, it is mainly used for finding treasures.


There are various ways of dowsing, like using dowsing rods, dowsing pendulums and so on. She uses wild mice for her dowsing. Since mice live in narrow places and in the ground, they use sounds to locate things they search for.


It's not like they can find everything though. They are not good at finding things that are too big (*1), food that are similar to baits (*2) and living animals (*3).


In stark contrast to her tiny figure, she has a big ego. This is because she has Bishamonten backing her up, but she is actually very timid. She will run away as soon as she is frightened.


Everyday Life


It seems like she doesn't usually train at the Myouren temple. She is Bishamonten's subordinate, so she doesn't follow any other gods besides him. Therefore, unless Shou calls for her, she does not actively go to the Myouren temple.


She normally hides in a little house she built near the Muenzuka. She decided to live there because she wants to confirm rumours about buried treasures near Muenzuka. That place is scattered with things from the outside world.


When she is dowsing, she needs a clear image of the thing she is looking for. So she must be really interested in things of unknown shapes and names.




In any case, it would be better if you had some nekoirazu(*4)[1].


Surprisingly, she is a big eater, there are often reports on grains being eaten away. The crops damage is especially severe when many mice become active thanks to her dowsing.


If you successfully negotiated with her though, you can ask her to look for lost items. Given her personality, you will only make her ego grow bigger if you take a humble attitude to her, and so negotiations are likely to fail. Intimidating her like a bully is the way to go.

*1 鼠には大きすぎて見えない。

1: Mice cannot see things that are too huge.

*2 食べちゃう。

2: They will eat it.

*3 猫。

3: Cats.

*4 鼠には魅力的に見える赤い食べ物。毒。

4: Red food that attracts mice. Poisonous.


1. ^  Rat poison.