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Symbol of Abundance and Harvest

秋 穣子 Aki Minoriko

Minoriko Aki

能力        豊穣を司る程度の能力

Ability: Governing plentiful harvest

危険度      中

Threat level: Medium

人間友好度   極高

Human friendship level: Very High

主な活動場所  人間の里、田畑等

Main place of activity: Human Village, fields and so forth


She is a god of Gensokyo's autumn, in particular the success or failure of grains, fruits, and so forth. Harvest gods like her are closely intertwined with human life, but because there are so many other ones, she cannot acquire strong faith from humans.


Her power only affects plants that bear fruit in the autumn. On top of that, she works hard to bring up each plant one by one, so there is a limit to her range of application(*1).


Despite this, she's still liked by humans, and they express their gratitude by inviting her to harvest festivals.


She has an older sister, another god. Her sister is a god of autumn leaves. Minoriko always gazes at the fall foliage while digging up potatoes or gardening, and envies her sister's sense of beauty.


Her personality is simple-hearted and cheerful. Although she is a god, she doesn't give off a very dignified air, so she isn't worshipped enough to have her own shrines built. Nearly all of her faith comes from individual people, but she seems pleased to get away with a small workload.


How to Deal With


She is nearly harmless.


However, she can destroy crops at will (*2). If you treat her with contempt or attempt to eliminate her, you may live to regret it.


In addition, she prefers natural farming methods, so she avoids excess weeding and soil preparation. Farmers who oppose her preferences seem to be viewed as her enemies.

*1 彼女を信仰している人数分が働いて育てる程度。

1: The number of people who worship her determines the quantity of plants she can tend.

*2 畑を踏み荒らされたりする。

2: Trampling down the fields.