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Futatsuiwa from Sado

二ッ岩 マミゾウ Hutatuiwa Mamizou

Mamizou Futatsuiwa

能力        化けさせる程度の能力

Ability: Ability to disguise things and herself

危険度      高

Threat level: High

人間友好度   極高

Human friendship level: Very High

主な活動場所  命蓮寺、魔法の森など

Main place of activity: Myouren Temple, Forest of Magic and so forth


She is said to have come from the outside world, a very unusual youkai tanuki. She has a more classical appearance and ability than youkai who have evolved uniquely in Gensokyo.


Originally, she seemed to have been the chief bake-danuki, and she possesses the appropriate dignity and charisma for such a position, but there is a high possibility that such personalities will cause another new spark.


Originally, there were already many wild youkai tanuki living in Gensokyo, and as she is a foreign tanuki from the outside, it was necessary to go about carefully and attentively [to fit in].


Although her power to disguise things can be used on objects other than herself, she is unable to create an illusion from nothing. No matter how she tricks you, there needs to be something that the illusion originates from. If she transforms an object into something that doesn't resemble it, you should be able to spot it immediately. For example, if she transforms a dog into a bird, it would be quickly discovered because the dog can't fly. Even if it still looks like that, its nature cannot be changed.


Also, even if she changes herself she usually can't hide her tail. This is true of all bake-tanuki and bake-gitsune, but even if erasing the ears and tail is impossible, they can still shrink them to an unnoticeable size or change their color to camouflage them. However, if they're suddenly disturbed or particularly emotional their ears and tail will appear, giving them away.


This is the fate of all youjuu who have large tails as a spiritual parameter.


Although from the beginning she hasn't been hiding her tail. It is said that to youjuu, the size of their tail is a sign of their high status.


She sometimes furrows her brow with a distant look in her eyes, and talks like an old geezer, so perhaps she really is an old geezer.(*1)


The Mystery of Sado


Sado is a province in the outside world. Its founding dates back to the Heian era.


According to her, Sado is a whole country of tanuki, and not a single fox lives there.


In Gensokyo as well as the outside world, bake-danuki often take the appearance of humans and blend into human society. In Gensokyo it's usually just to play pranks, but in the outside world there are cases where they themselves forget that they're tanuki and spend their whole lives as humans. If they lose their tails completely, they can no longer change back of their own will.


In Sado, there are many descendants of such tanuki. It is said that since tanuki excel at digging up buried objects, their descendants have dug up gold mines and become wealthy.


From among those completely humanized tanuki, Mamizou seems to want to preserve her tanuki pride until the end.


How to Deal With


She regularly transforms into a human. She enjoys watching humans being bewildered or surprised. Because these are callous pranks, some of them are tricks that put one's life at risk, so she's especially dangerous.


However, since there should be a visible tail on whatever she transforms into, if you're suspicious it should be fine if you search for a tail.


But, while it's easy to reveal her during the daytime, it's difficult at night. Because her transformation powers increase on the night of the full moon, you have no choice but to be careful about taking walks on nights when she's strong.

*1 化け狸に正体なんて有ってないもの。

1: There's no such thing as a true identity for a bake-danuki.