Kyouko Symposium


Yamabiko who Chants Sutras

幽谷 響子 Kasodani Kyouko

Kyouko Kasodani

能力        音を反射させる程度の能力

Ability: Reflecting sound

危険度      低

Threat level: Low

人間友好度   極高

Human friendship level: Extremely High

主な活動場所  妖怪の山、命蓮寺等

Main place of activity: Youkai Mountain, Myouren Temple


If you shout in the direction of a mountain, youkai known as yamabiko will give a sincere reply. They are youkai that were extremely common since long ago, and could be found on every mountain.


They are bright and cheerful youkai that will respond to happy voices with a cheerful one of their own and return an equally angry retort at mad shouts, but in recent years it seems their population has been declining.


The reason for this is a rumor started among the humans of the village that the truth behind the voices of the yamabiko are just the reflections of sound, so not many humans have been shouting in the mountains recently. Many yamabiko lost their purpose in life, and so have been naturally continuing towards extinction.


Thinking that such a world was empty, she entered the priesthood. Right now she is apparently training at the Myouren Temple. She says that her training involves cleaning the main gate every day. She has apparently memorized most of the sutras from hearing them from inside the temple(*1). Of course, she doesn't know what they mean.


As can be surmised by looking at her big ears and small tail, she was originally an animal youkai. However, she does not possess any savage habits as meat-eating beasts normally have. Despite her speaking in a loud voice, she is comparatively timid, and when she runs into guests that are climbing the mountain, she disappears quickly. After that, she'll call out in a loud voice from a distance "Did that surprise you?". Shouting from far away probably means she's basically shy.


As a side note, when she's alone she is supposedly a well-behaved youkai, but lately she's started to mumble sutras to herself. She might be under a lot of stress.


A Collection of Yamabiko Replies


A yamabiko replies when you shout out from a mountaintop. While the standard is to reply with the same words, there are special cases in which the reply you get back is different. I've documented them to the best of my knowledge.


"Yaho~!" -> "Yafu~!"
The basic form, they're too used to it so the pronunciation is sloppy.


"You idiot~!" -> "What did you just call me?!"
The adolescent form, also called the delinquent form.


"My apologies!" -> "No, that was my fault!"
Adults have proper manners.


Yama~!" -> "Kawa~!"
This is limited to Mr. Yamakawa.[1]


"What time is it~!" -> "Well, it's about~!"
The wristwatch form, they know the approximate time.[2]


"One plus one is~?" -> "..."
The bad at math form.


How to Deal With


Unless you attack her yourself, there's no particular danger. She's a youkai with an especially gentle personality. It should be fine to head to the mountains on a nice day, raise your voice and enjoy yourself.


But please don't bother the Myouren Temple by raising your voice there, even if she's been staying there lately.


On the other hand, if you're too noisy you may end up attracting other mountain youkai, so be moderate.

*1 門前の妖怪、習わぬ経を読む。

1: The youkai before the gate, reading an unlearnable sutra.


1. ^  It is a kind of popular password originally in ninja communities, too popular to be useful nowadays. When a ninja comes back to his base, a gate keeper says to him "mountain". If he replies "river", he can get in. If not, he will be seen as their opponent. and be turned out or cut up.
2. ^  This is a part of the debut song of Southern All Stars, "Katte ni Sinbad".

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