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Kakashi Spirit News

第百二十五季 卯月の五

Season 125 (2010), 5th of Uzuki (April)


A Secretly Broke Up Great War


A quite of tight punishment to the prank fairy?


"I shall find a better challenger!"[1]


Those were the words spoken by the fairy when I was at the flower-viewing party. I heard afterwards that a competition to decide the strongest fairy was going on while we were busy enjoying the flowers. Unfortunately, I couldn't collect more information on it, but I happened to find Cirno (Fairy) getting carried away in her enthusiasm from the title of 'the strongest' which she had just achieved.


"Well, the youkai flower-viewing party has already been dismissed....... But I did see someone who was looking for a fight over there."


Thinking it was an interesting matter, I guided the fairy and tailed her from behind.


Marisa Kirisame (Human) was the one who was at the end of our path. What will happen if we strike a fairy arrogating to her power, to a human who often hangs out with fairies. That was my observation for the time.


"Interesting. Let's find out how much I can enjoy myself by dealing with this fairy!"


A show between a drunk human and a power-drunk fairy has begun. Although there was nothing special to report since it was a heartwarming activity, it was quite impressive to see how Marisa was enjoying the easy-going fight dealing with the fairy. The fact that she wasn't using her specialty, her famous lasers, made it even more amusing.


Compared to youkai, humans are species that live a busy life. They are so desperate to live everyday, even risking their lives to deal with things like fairies. But I have discovered that among some groups of humans, there are the ones who can deal with fairies without much trouble.


This fact should be kept in mind of the old youkai, who still think of humans the way they used to be in the past. Even though I thought that I would not care much if the human lost by a bit of luck in the duel, the result was no where near that point, and I observed the outstanding growth of human kind. It could be that if youkai make the mistake of assuming humans are always the victims, it may lead to the cause of making us extinct someday.

(姫海棠 はたて)

(Hatate Himekaidou)


1. ^  This phrase is quoted from Ryuu's phrase of Street Fighter series, "俺より強い奴に会いに行く!".

  • According to the dialogs of Ending No. 5 of Fairy Wars, Aya declined Cirno's challenge against her and made suggestion that she should look for a human being, which led Cirno to find humans nearby watching cherry blossoms. In the dialog of stage EX of it, Cirno said that according to information of a tengu there would be a human. The natural conclusion from them is that, it should be scarcely Hatate, but Aya who encourages Cirno. It would show the character of Hatate's journal.