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第百二十六季 水無月の五

Season 126 (2011), 5th of Minazuki (June)


The Legend of the Veil Marriage Act


Forgotten Veil of Heaven


While bathing in a cold outside, the veil of a heavenly maiden which she had hung on a tree gets stolen by a human. The heavenly maiden who now had no chance of returning to heaven, starts to live with the human by no choice. This is the famous known veil legend.[1]


Recently, the so-called veil marriage act[2] - heavenly maidens hunting for their partners using that method - is in fashion now.


Although, the term "heavenly maiden" indicates a variety of meanings up to tathagata and flying humans, the life of the lower-ranking heavenly maidens can't said to be wealthy, particularly after Gensyoko had been in its form seen today, it has been a while since they have lived a poor life even worse than humans. Unexpectedly, the hierarchy of heaven life is heavy, it is said that unless you're a humble one who wishes for almost nothing, you are going to have a cramped life.


The content of the veil marriage act goes like this: after you lose your veil near the human village on purpose, you will marry the man who picked up the veil if you like him, telling him you can't return to heaven. If you don't like him you are going to take it back, but...


This is a comment made by Iku Nagae (messenger of the Dragon Palace).

「羽衣婚活? ああ、確かに一部のチャラい天女の間で流行っているそうですね。ただ、この羽衣って天帝から支給されたものだから、無くしたり汚したりすると始末書ものなのよ。ハッキリ言って後先考えていない馬鹿のやる事ね」

"Veil marriage act? Yes, I heard that it's a boom among a few cheesy heavenly maidens for sure. But, since these veils are provided from the lord of the heaven, we'll have to write an apology letter if we lose it or make it dirty. For crying out loud, it can be only done by idiots who aren't aware of the future."


There is even distrust among humans for lost veils. The village elder gave the declaration "Do not touch a veil left on the ground."


The legend ends with the heavenly maiden finding the hidden veil and returning to the heaven, leaving her children and husband. Maybe the heavenly maidens intend to return to heaven whenever they felt bored of the life on surface, but that is just heartless.


However, I heard that very rarely heaven veils are on sale at the Kappa's bazaar and an antique store which is thought to deal stolen goods. There's no way the collectors will miss the chance to get it in their hands. If it was the humans who sold the veil, it looks like the humans are the clever ones.

(姫海棠 はたて)

(Hatate Himekaidou)


1. ^  This is the legend of The princess and the cowherd, celebrated today in Japan as the origin of Tanabata.
2. ^  A "marriage act" 「婚活」 (a.k.a marriage hunting) is a well-known fad in recent Japan. The majority of the Japanese otaku community think this activity is pathetic (You aren't surprised I guess?)