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第百二十五季 師走の四

Season 125 (2010), 4th of Shiwasu (December)


Aliens From a Brightly Burning Fire Ball?


A 10 Shaku[1] Giant Appears!


In the afternoon of the Xth day of the Xth month, humans observed a large fire ball descend towards the west side of Youkai Mountain. As a consequence of this being a remote set of ruins, inaccessible to both youkai and humans, confirmation of its true form is very difficult. Without sound or impact, this is not your ordinary meteorite.


In the same timeline of the fire ball been in sight, there were also reports about a giant over 10 shaku (= 3 meters) tall. There are rumors that the fire ball was actually an UFO and the giant was an alien riding it. The giant have been called "ten-shaku-alien".

宇宙人? まさかそんなSFじゃああるまいし、と思っている読者も多い事だろう。私もその一人だ。という訳で、火の玉と十尺の宇宙人の正体を念写した物がこの写真である。

I'm quite sure many readers are thinking, "An alien? I doubt it's something so Sci-Fi like that." I happen to think the same. With that in mind I've taken and attached a spirit photograph of the fire ball and the 10 shaku giant's true form.


As you can see from the picture, the fire ball in its true form is a flying wooden vessel, and the 10 shaku alien is a nue youkai (real name: Houjuu Nue). You cannot see the true form with your naked eye, but spirit photography can reveal the truth. I tried to interview her.

「ただ探し物をしていただけよ? 飛倉の破片を全部集めろって言われたんでね。それにしてもどうして私の正体が判ったの?」

"I was just searching, you know? I was told to collect the pieces of the flying vault. And how did you reveal my true form?"


The fire ball and ten shaku alien were just an act to keep people away.


"I was just trying to look like a "scary unidentified object". I've heard people started to say I was an alien, so the rumor just self-developed making me look like an alien. But a 10 shaku tall alien you say, hmm..."


As someone with the ability to make objects unidentifiable, she explained that so-called "urban legends" are born from such rumors. That is, you can make up rumors about the true nature of anyone, since you cannot confirm their nature. This could give birth to another urban legend entity, just like the one created by this incident.

(姫海棠 はたて)

(Hatate Himekaidou)


1. ^  A shaku is an old unit of measurement about 30.3 cm in length.

  • From the data that the alien is approximately 3.03 meters tall or 9.942 feet tall and a fireball accompanied it, it would be implied that Nue borrowed the image of Flatwoods monster.

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