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The Big Wheel That Guards and is Guarded

雲居 一輪&雲山 Kumoi Ichirin & Unzan

Ichirin Kumoi & Unzan

能力 (一輪)  入道を使う程度の能力

Ability (Ichirin): Using nyuudou

能力 (雲山)  形や大きさを自在に変える事が出来る程度の能力

Ability (Unzan): Able to change shape and size at will

危険度      高

Threat level: High

人間友好度   高

Human friendship level: High

主な活動場所  命蓮寺、大空等

Main place of activity: Myouren Temple, the sky and so forth


A combination of a nyuudou that deceives and scares humans and the youkai that he defends. There are many varieties of Nyuudou, but Unzan seems to be the Foreseeing type. Foreseeing Nyuudou are youkai that were originally monks who were unable to see anything but their own feet. By not raising their heads or showing their faces, you can't tell that their faces have grown huge. When they finally raise their head they chop your head off.


I've never heard of a nyuudou-using youkai, but it seems she was originally human. In that sense she's similar to the Magician type.


Unzan can freely change his shape. Despite that, and even with the ability to become small or large, he cannot simply become anything he wants. This is because he cannot change his color.


He normally stays at the Myouren Temple.


Taking advantage of his special skills, he does a lot of physical labor and work that requires being in high places.


Ichirin's personality is essentially nice, and she shows a lot of guts. Unzan is quiet and stubborn, but has a strong sense of duty.


Meeting Unzan


Back when Unzan was a normal human-eating Foreseeing Nyuudou, a plucky young girl was out gathering flowers when she met him.


From her perspective, he appeared to be just a monk staring at his feet. Thinking "Oh, has one of those shown up?", before he had a chance to raise his head she shouted "The Foreseeing Nyuudou was foreseen!" Which is a spell to repel them.


While originally this would be enough to make one disappear, the shock of his utter defeat and admiration for the plucky girl prompted Unzan to devote the rest of his life to protecting her.


After this, her life completely changed. She didn't need to fear youkai anymore, but she would also be hated by humans from time to time. After a dramatic human life full of ups and downs, before she knew it she had become a youkai.


Because of her acceptance of youkai like nyuudou, and moreover her understanding of the human heart, they were converted by Byakuren Hijiri.




Although they're unusual youkai, their true strength is quite high.


While Unzan is protecting her, there's no way to hit Ichirin. So you shouldn't have attacked them in the first place.


Luckily, since Unzan has stopped acting like a Foreseeing Nyuudou, they rarely attack anyone.