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Nagashi-bina of the Hidden God

鍵山 雛 Kagiyama Hina

Hina Kagiyama

能力        厄をため込む程度の能力

Ability: Stockpiling misfortune

危険度      極高

Threat level: Very high

人間友好度   中

Human friendship level: Medium

主な活動場所  玄武の沢、無縁塚、中有の道等

Main place of activity: Genbu Swamp, Muenzuka, Road of Liminality etc.


A god that amasses misfortune. A so-called plague god. Just by being near her, humans and youkai receive unluckiness.


However, she herself has no malice. In fact, she's rather friendly towards humans. She amasses misfortune in order to prevent the misfortune from going to humans instead.


There are so many taboos surrounding this god that I don't even want to write about them(*1).


The countless taboos related to her are things like: "Even if you notice her, you shouldn't look"; "Don't walk on the same road as her"; or "Don't bring up her up as a topic of your own accord". To violate any of these will cause a misfortune to befall you. If this happens, the only thing you can do is cross your fingers and pray(*2).


Because humans rarely come into contact with her, her personality remains unclear. However, according to the people who have been made unlucky touching the taboo, she seems cheerful and sociable.


Nagashi-bina and misfortune


The reason she gathers misfortune is because the misfortune becomes her power. The negative energy of the misfortune is her fuel source.


Although plague gods are called gods, they do not seek faith. They are not like normal gods, but a kind of youkai.


She utilizes the human custom of Nagashi-bina: Placing misfortune onto nagashi-bina and putting them in the river, collecting misfortune by gathering all the Hina dolls downstream. Because of this, her place is full of Hina dolls, but recently it looks like she started selling dolls at the village as a form of recycling (*3).


A misfortune is an embodiment of causing misfortune to humans. It is an apparition of unluckiness. Misfortune is the turning over of good fortune. Since they are basically the same in nature(*4), it can be said that as one who stores away misfortune, she is a holder of good fortune as well.




She is considered extremely dangerous. Even if you catch sight of her do not attempt to touch her at all.


There is no cure against unluckiness. Injury, disease, bankruptcy, divorce... Every possible influence imaginable.


If you think you got a misfortune on you, it's best to be proactive about it and request a cleansing at a shrine or temple.


However, if you pull a fortune that has terrible luck on it, it may be a good topic for discussion (*5).

*1 私も不幸にはなりたくないので……。

1: Because even I prefer to avoid unluckiness......

*2 人差し指と中指を交差させて「えんがちょ」と叫ぶ。

2: Put your index finger under your middle finger and shout "engacho"[1]

*3 みんな無視するので無人販売所を設けている。

3: Everyone ignores her so she sets up an unattended marketplace.

*4 どちらも運が偏るだけである。

4: Both of them have inclinations towards luck.

*5 そういうのは運が良いと見なされて、小吉とか出てしまうのかも知れないが。

5: If that is considered good luck, then a slightly good luck result will likely appear.


1. ^  A phrase commonly used to cast off "dirtiness" to another child. Trivial fact: This custom is actually referencing one of the core elements in the Tohou World, this "dirtiness" comes from the concept of "impurity" in Shinto (In fact, "厄" (misfortune) and "穢れ" (impurity) are treated as almost the same in Japan.).