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Bunbunmaru Newspaper

第百二十三季 葉月の一

Season 123 (2008), 1st of Hazuki (August)


Incident on the Youkai Mountain?


An omen of eruption?


It was a foggy summer day. A red mist shone by an ominous light appeared on the mountain, and caused a stir amongst some.


I get the feeling that Gensokyo has a lot of red mist incidents for some reason, but this time the mist is a bit different in appearance. It looks as though a great amount of steam and red light are leaking from the bottom of the geyser.


The Youkai Mountain last erupted over a thousand years ago, and while it has been behaving recently, it has historically been an active volcano. Although the geysers are not the vents of the Youkai Mountain, the red light pillars resemble eruption, so it is ominous.


Of course, there is no big impact to us if it happens to erupt. When it erupted a thousand years ago, the event was made into a lively fire festival. If I had to gauge its strength, the humans all fled, and the fire-related youkai got a little stronger.


So can it be that the sudden red pillars of light has something to do with an eruption?


"It's not an eruption. That red light is not magma but the light of a nuclear fusion reactor. It's the same light as the sun."


Says Suwako Moriya (god), who is connected to the Geyser Center. Magma refers to the "Spring of Oni and Gods" that is said to be so hot that the oni bathe in it. Though numerous in hell, magma is seldom found on the surface.


"It has nothing to do with an eruption. Even if something that has to do with an eruption happens, I'll adjust the date, so...."


She is also the god of the earth, it seems. So she would have the power to adjust the eruption. She says so confidently.


However, since Gensokyo was sealed there hasn't been an eruption yet. Undoubtedly, even we tengu and the kappa will probably have to evacuate. Of particular importance is that the humans will have no escape. If preparations are made for the eruption, then it probably will be easy to temporarily flee....

(射命丸 文)

(Aya Shameimaru)


  • From the date, this event happened a few months before Subterranean Animism. So this article reported that Kanako made Yatagarasu's spirit reside in Utsuho's body recently and she started to produce electricity.