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Bunbunmaru Newspaper

第百十四季 葉月の三

Season 124 (2009), 3rd of Hazuki (August)


The Buddhist Service for the Youkai at the Night of Summer


Anybody Could Be Cooled?


The Buddhist service held at Myouren Temple is on the topic of conversation.


Held for the first time at the very-new Myouren Temple built this summer, it is said that this Buddhist service is very thrilling and exiting.

そもそも法会とは何なのだろうか。法会とは仏の道を説く為に開かれる勉強会である。いかにもつまらなさそうであるが、それがスリリングでエキサイティングとはどういう事か? 住職の聖白蓮さんはこう語る。

Before we go further, what is a Buddhist service in the first place. A Buddhist service is a study meeting held for teaching the way of Buddhism. While it does sounds nothing but dullness, what does it means that being so thrilling and exciting? The chief priest Ms.Byakuren Hijiri talks to us.


"The way of Buddhism indicates the training to attain enlightenment. In another words, it will lead to exorcising evil spirits from the human soul. But in this case, our Buddhist service is done for a youkai, so ..."


I guess she wanted to say, attending at Buddhist service itself would be a lead to deny its own existence, if they are an other aspect of evil spirits lurking in the human soul. Truly, that sounds like thrill.


Though, Ms.Hijiri continues:


"The state of enlightenment is 'Form is the emptiness. Emptiness is the form', thus it is said to be a substance which is born by itself from the flawless soul. It may be that youkai are actually close to enlightenment, since having a denial of themselves is directly connected to the denial of their existence."


Unceasing inquiry has been made from the youkai to Myouren Temple. Why are the youkai, are willing to take part in the Buddhist service. I have questioned a youkai who was attending it.

「最近暑いからねー。法会っていう怪談大会が行われるって言うから参加してみたんだけど、いやー、あの坊さん凄いね。話が上手くて本当に怖い、身も心も震え上がっちゃうよ。般若心経っていうの? 傑作の怪談だね」

"You know, isn't it just too hot these days? I came here 'cause I heard a ghost stories meeting that called a Buddhist service was being held, but geez she sure is good. She is really telling with pure fear, it really makes my heart 'n soul tremble for the best. The Heart Sutra was it? Boy, ghost stories couldn't have been better."


The Heart Sutra is the most famous sutra in Buddhism, and there are many others. After I told the youkai that, the youkai said "Buddhism, I like it. It sure knockouts the heart of the horror-hunters ain't it" as the youkai shivered with joy.

(射命丸 文)

(Aya Shameimaru)