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Bunbunmaru Newspaper

第百二十四季 霜月の三

Season 124 (2009), 3rd of Shimotsuki (November)


Opinions Divided On Mountain's Future Direction


Giant Serpent and White Wolf Tengu At Odds


At this time, a discussion is brewing about constructing a road to the shrine from the village towards the winter holidays. However this seems to be a point of concern for some of the Tengu.


Moriya Shrine wants to construct a road that anyone can use before the end of the year, which is the most profitable time for them. However, from within the Tengu and youkai that live in the mountains there are a few of those stubbornly against this asserting "We are not letting anybody in".


The god of the Moriya Shrine, Kanako Yasaka (God of the Mountain), spoke on these close-minded mountain youkai.


"I'm sick of these far-fetched arguments the white wolf Tengu are making. It's not like we're making this road to let people wreak havoc on the mountain. In fact, it will allow for an increase in the mountain's faith, which will increase their own power. I can't help but think they only have the brains to justify their desire to not go outside."


In response to this, the white wolf Tengu replied curtly, "It is our duty to keep watch on intruders."


As it is right now, the praying of respects at Moriya Shrine is a rare occurrence. One of the reason of this is due to the White Wolf Tengu on guard. Seeing no other way, they established a branch shrine in the valley to allow people to come and pray respects, as well as conducting business by themselves and gather faith from humans.


However the shrine has devised a new plan. That is the establishment of an "arial tramway" from the Human Village to the shrine.


An arial tramway is a cage held up by a rope which allows for the transportation of humans and luggage. If this was made possible, visitors would be able to visit the shrine without needing to pass through any other locations. As long as they don't pass through anywhere else, there is no reason to turn them away.


In response to this plan, the Tengu leader Dai Tengu gave the following opinion:


"If the shrine dedicate us some offerings on that cage then we might give it a try to consider."


With firm resolution. It appears that they are willing to get whatever they could out of it and won't do anything.


A cage watched over by the Youkai ... I can only think it being a target. The shrine side looking to open up the mountain to visitors, the Tengu side looking to keep it closed off, opinions divided in Youkai Mountain. It doesn't seem like this will be resolved easily.

(射命丸 文)

(Aya Shameimaru)