Symposium Seiga

第百二十六季 師走の四

Season 126 (2011), 4th of Shiwasu (December)


A New Business in the Busy Time at the End of The Year


A Christmas Business War Breaking Out?


Everyone is busy doing something at the year end, but that is why so many businesses are prospering. And it looks like there is a newcomer to the service in competition.


Have you heard of the word "Christmas"? . It is an event where a foreign saint called Nicholas comes, flying in the air as he whips his animals, sneaking into houses legally while the owner is asleep. This open-minded event is already a fad in the outside world, and it looks like we already have a sign of its fad appeared in Gensokyo as well.


Seiga Kaku (Hermit) is the one who is trying to do business by taking part in the fad. She says that with her ability to go through walls willingly, she is planing to sneak into human houses.


"In the outside world, you hand out toys after you sneak in. I guess it's an event that gathers faith from children by doing that. And doing business by selling the toys to Santa Claus (St. Nicholas), is how Christmas is worked out."


But claiming that it isn't enough Seiga spoke:

「白髪のお爺さんの信仰なんて要らないし、そもそも幻想郷には(サンタクロースが)居るかどうか判らないでしょ? だったらオモチャを売りつけるのも難しいじゃない。だから、私は家主に直接オモチャを売りつけるか、寝てたら何か金目の物を持っていくことにしたわ」

"Why in the world should I need faith from a white-haired old man, while you don't even know if he is here in Gensokyo in the first place? If that's the case, it would be difficult to sell toys to him. So, I decided that I'm going to sell the toys directly to the owner, or I'll take something valuable if they're asleep."


With her words, she showed me her bag full of treasure. Indeed, It really looks like a great business. I believe that humans and hermits are going to have a huge battle around the time of Christmas next year.


Incidentally, St. Nicholas has its image of his white hair, but when talking white-hair in Gensokyo, we tend to picture Sarutahiko more. Since he is also the God of us tengu, Having a negative image will be a bit undesirable. We just hope Seiga would not do her Christmas wearing white-hair.[1]

(射命丸 文)

(Aya Shameimaru)


1. ^  The present Seiga is foisting is a four monkeys chan, appeared at Miko's article. It is related to Koushin religion, which was originally influenced by a Taoist belief and was changed to get along with Japanese Buddhism and Shintou. The Shintou-nized Koushin religion came to be identified with Sarutahiko, which is seen to happen in confound of Sarutahiko and Kanoe-Saru (reading "Koushin" in kun-yomi). He is one of the most famous Japanese gods and the prototype of tengu — you can find his name in Aya's spell cards. So we need to know many backgrounds, but we can see Aya is objecting Seiga's idea; the great tengu, Sarutahiko holds Koushin religion with Buddhist equivalence as the part of Japanized Taoism, so she could think that he could miss some fame to be taken for the "Christianized" Taoism god (i.e. Seiga as "Santa Claus").

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