Symposium Kisume & Yukari

第九十八季 弥生の二

Season 98 (1984), 2nd of Yayoi (March)


Skeletal Remain Found from the Dead Well


But, Its Identity was!?


In Gensokyo as the snow starts to melt, but still bitterly cold, a scream echos through the human village. Although the air was peaceful in Gensokyo, it looked like something was different that day.


It's said that when children were playing around a dried-up well, they had found a person's skeletal remains. At that time, the well was supposed to be off limits.


It was found because a youkai Tsurube-otoshi came out of well saying "Is this the body you have lost, eh?" with a cackling uncannily as she threw the remains to them. All of humans in Gensokyo are under control by the youkai, and there is no one missing at the moment. Which means, we had no clue who this skeleton belongs to.


Making things worse, the skeleton disappeared while it was being left alone in preparation to bury it in Muenzuka. At this rate, it won't be possible to determine if this is an incident, let alone who's remains this is.


The youkai expert, Ms. Yukari Yakumo says:


"Well, I suppose it was an act done by the youkai of the underground. Since their powers come from the negative energy of humans, maybe she wanted to scare humans who were careless about their threat."


There is a nonintervention pact made between the youkai of the underground and the surface. Which means, if this was an attempt made by the youkai underground, the situation would be complicated. Even we tengu think that trouble with the underground should be avoided.


"Although, since we don't have the all-important skeleton, it could have been a simple misjudgment. No, it was a misjudgment, definitely."


The incident was settled as the skeletal remains were a misjudgment of a silver birch[1] There hadn't been any incidents happening at the human village.


At a later date, we have confirmed that the dried-up well was buried. The person that did this is unkown, but since there wasn't an incident in the first place it's not a problem.

(射命丸 文)

(Aya Shameimaru)


1. ^  The color of this tree is similar to a skeleton, in some sense.

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