Symposium Tenshi


Bunbunmaru Newspaper

第百二十四季 葉月の一

Season 124 (2009), 1st of Hazuki (August)


A Super Accurate Extreme Local Weather Forecast!


With Complaints for Some Reason...


A rumor of a pushy weather forecast is spreading at the human village. A suspicious woman walking around telling people today's weather without being asked, is its content. The Rumor says, when you are told the weather by her, it would always be that weather without a doubt. Strangely, it is said that the weather changes even if she doesn't stay there and goes somewhere else.


As a matter of fact, I the writer, had a clue on the woman who appears in this rumor. So I went to her to confirm it and she admitted it was her doing without any hesitation.


"Heaven is a boring place you know. I thought that if I make attempts like a personality assessment, I would be serviceable in some sense."


This was spoken by the suspicious woman in question here, Tenshi Hinanawi (Celestial). According to her, it was not a weather forecast but a personality assessment.

「昔から、雨男、晴れ女なんて言うでしょ? その人間が居ると雨になりやすいとか晴れやすいとか……。人間が天気を操る事もあるのよ。私にはそれが見えるの。だから性格診断イコール天気予報になってしまうのよ」

"Don't you know the old saying rain-bringman and sun-bringwoman?"[1]. It happens to rain or brings out the sun when they're there, sort of ... Likewise, even humans can manipulate the weather. And I can see them. Hence my personality assessment is an equivalent to weather forecast."


But for some reason, she receives a number of complaints. Someone had a heavy rain storm only happening around them, and the others having extraordinary weather like snowing in the summer. The rumor even tells us that several people started to doubt that they were being teased by not a "weather forecast" but a "weather manipulation".


"I'm not making any manipulations. No doubt that their spirit is made into weather eh-. But, when a human doubts my ability, I just happen to get nasty you know. In that case I'll surface their weather with force."


Many humans believe that such rain-bringman or sun-bringwoman is just a superstition. However, every person must experienced the times when you want to call such people to stop the seriously-unwanted rain and bring back the sun. This is caused by the surfacing from the human spirit (Essentially, your personality, the thing that you're born with), so it is said not to be a coincidence for sure.


I want her to make a personality assessment on the couple of rain-bringman and sun-bringwoman if I came across them.

(射命丸 文)

(Aya Shameimaru)


1. ^  There's a saying「晴れ男」 (Lit. Sun man) ,「晴れ女」 (Lit. Sun woman) 「雨男」 (Lit. Rain man) and 「雨女」 (Lit. Rain woman) in Japan. As you know in English these could be translated to "sun-bringer" and "rain-bringer" (But lacking the gender.).

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