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第百二十六季 神無月の四

Season 126 (2011), 4th of Kannazuki (October)


Punk concerts favorable to delinquent fairies?


A New Trend in Youkai Music


Many have learned of the "guerilla concert" events happening regularly on the road leading from Human Village to the Hakurei Shrine. They are timed to start in the middle of the night while humans are sleeping soundly, and their rousing performances echo through the village.


The ones performing the concerts are Ms. Mystia Lorelei (a night sparrow) and Ms. Kyouko Kasodani (a yamabiko), forming a combination called the Choujuu Gigaku[1] ("dance of bird and beast").


With explosive sounds that you can only define as "noise", shouting music that has strong protesting lyrics and being off key resounds throughout the night in Gensokyo. While sporting eccentric clothing and messed up hair, the unique musical style in their singing is being called, unfamiliarily to Gensokyo, "punk rock".


"What's punk? It's an explosion of suppressed dissatisfaction. It's the roar of the soul!"


Ms. Kyouko gives such an explanation. I then asked her what exactly the suppressed dissatisfaction was.


"Well, all I ever do every day is clean and recite sutras, you know? Sitting in lotus position hurts a lot, too.


It seems it's just a case of the temple's training being harsh. But even with that level of dissatisfaction is put into a song, it seems doubtless that it will gain the support of young people. At the time of this report, there were plenty of lively fairies wanting to make noise and dissatisfied youkai.


However, these punk concerts do not come without complaints. Most of them are concerning the noise damage. They are inevitable, since they are singing loudly in the middle of the night. When asked about the complaints, Ms. Kyouko replied:


"It's kind of strange that it's okay for people to shout 'yahoo!' at the top of their lungs at the top of a mountain, but it's not okay for me to sing."


From what I gathered, what they call a "concert" is just a performance of explosive sounds and a strong spirit shouting complaints really loud, and I can't even call it anywhere near a "song". It gives way to dissatisfaction among youkai and humans that want the dissatisfied shouting to be quiet, and so I hope this won't grow into some kind of conflict.

(射命丸 文)

(Aya Shameimaru)


1. ^  A parody of Choujuu Giga and gigaku It would be implied that Mystia is a bird and Kyouko seems a beast.