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This time the three participants were as follows: A God from ancient Japanese Shinto, a chief priestess from Buddhism that evolved uniquely in Japan, and a hermit from the religion of the continent, Taoism. While differing in their ideologies, what they do have in common is that they are "recent vistors to Gensokyo".


There exists various influential powers in Gensokyo. We the humans, ghost-like spiritual beings, the systematic youkai that live in the mountains, the strong and self-reliant youkai, the ones who have came from the West such as the vampires, the celestials that live up in the clouds...


From what can be discerned from these discussions, there is no large disorder that should befall us humans, as a great number of influential forces are keeping an eye on each other. At the same time however, should each of the influential powers start to band together, it could prove to be dangerous.


From here on out I plan to meet and talk with the other influential powers. After all, it is indirectly connected with the task of protecting humans.


However, this discussion ended rather evasively. It probably would have been better to let Reimu attend from the beginning (whether or not her true intentions could be heard is up for question though).


By the way, everyone returned without tidying up the room. Having the tiny bit of hope, but even Byakuren left with the others not doing so ...(*1)


In the 6th part I've inserted newspapers that Reimu brought with her.


As a reference, I've also included newspapers entries of those who attended the discussion at the end of the book. Additionally, I've added some newspaper entries found of those who where not included in the Gensokyo Chronicles, and furthermore did not make in appearance in this publication. Please use them for reference.


Now then, should the need arise I shall release another book.


If there are any opinions you'd like to present, please stop by the Hieda residence. If you come to help tidy the place up, then even youkai are most welcome.

九代目阿礼乙女 稗田阿求

9th Child of Miare Hieda no Akyuu


1: Well, since she was the only one who wasn't drinking, and Reimu did chase everyone off so I guess it can't be helped.