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*Although Nue is the first character officially drawn with Zettai Ryouiki, Suwako has almost always been drawn this way in fanart.
*Although Nue is the first character officially drawn with Zettai Ryouiki, Suwako has almost always been drawn this way in fanart.
*The frogs printed on Suwako's dress were taken from [[Wikipedia:Chōjū-jinbutsu-giga|Chōjū-giga]], the picture scrolls drawn in 12th century.
*The frogs printed on Suwako's dress were taken from [[Wikipedia:Chōjū-jinbutsu-giga|Chōjū-giga]], the picture scrolls drawn in 12th century.
*Due to the so-called "rivalry" between Suwako and Cirno, many fans and Touhou creators believe Suwako developed an addiction to the fact Cirno is delicious. That would lead to her music video "Kero 9 Destiny"(
==Official Profiles==
==Official Profiles==

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Main Profile



洩矢 諏訪子(もりや すわこ)
Suwako Moriya


Goddess of mountains


The ability to create earth, ability to summon curse gods (Mishaguji)


Unknown, but one of the oldest gods; she far predates the invasion by the Goddess Kanako and the Yamato in the Great Suwa War, approximately 2300 years ago.


Moriya Shrine's former goddess


Moriya Shrine


  • (Touhou 10-12.3) Wears a short simple purplish-blue dress with a frog print design, large white sleeves stitched onto the torso, and a white collar. Has medium length blond hair, grey eyes, and wears a light brown wide-brimmed hat with two frog eyes on the top. Has white kneehighs and black shoes.




See Character Titles

The extra boss of Mountain of Faith and god of the Moriya Shrine. Although, she said the shrine wasn't exactly hers (she mentioned it in both Reimu's and Marisa's story) saying it was officially Kanako's because she was beaten by her and had to relinquish control of the Shrine, willingly at that.

In Subterranean Animism, Suwako appeared in Reimu and Yukari's Scenario revealing an industrial revolution project by Kanako that caused Reimu to get mad for being sent to the Hell of Blazing Fires.

It is revealed that during ancient times, Suwako was a ruler of a small kingdom and controlled the Mishaguji, who were curse gods that had obtained enormous amounts of faith, cursing birth, harvests, militaries, and many other things. Only Suwako was able to tame them. However, gods from the Yamato (Ancient Japan) invaded her kingdom, saying that they were going to unify all the kingdoms to create a single country known as Japan. Unwilling to let this happen, Suwako resisted and fought with the finest steel weapons of the time. However, Kanako held out a thin vine, and Suwako's large steel arsenal instantly rusted away. Suwako realized the difference in their divine powers and her defeat; she graciously forfeited and relinquished her kingdom.

It is said that Sanae is her distant descendant, although Sanae didn't even know it until the events of Subterranean Animism.

In Touhou Hisoutensoku, Suwako was aware of the true nature of the vanishing giant seen roaming around Gensokyo, and was confronted by Sanae over this and other secretive actions Suwako was involved in.

Fun Facts

  • Among the Touhou fandom, Suwako's hat has almost become an entity of its own, largely thanks to the imposing leer of the eyes on top. Its most common name is Pyonta.
  • It should be noted that some of the fairies in Mountain of Faith seem to be wearing Suwako's hat.
  • Suwako is heavily symbolized as a frog. Cirno freezes frogs. The results in fanon are obvious. The frog jokes include relationships with Super Mario Bros. 3 and the Hypnotoad.
  • Because of that, Suwako is commonly called 「ケロちゃん」 or "Kero-chan," which appears in one of her spell cards, 「ケロちゃん風雨に負けず」 which is "Kero-chan Braves the Wind and Rain." This nickname was mentioned, for example, in Tetla Pot's PV of Silver Forests's song, Kero⑨Destiny.
  • The phrase, 「あーうー」 or "aa-- uu--," uttered in Reimu's route in the extra stage, has also become a popular saying attributed to her (as well as a way to refer to her), and is also mentioned by that same song.
  • The name Suwako (諏訪子) is modified from Lake Suwa (諏訪湖, pronounced Suwa-ko), the largest lake in Nagano prefecture. The area also features one of the world's largest geysers.
  • Suwako's family name is probably derived from Moreyashin (洩矢神, the god Moriya), who is said to be the first ancestor of Sanae Moriya(守矢早苗), the real person who inspired Sanae Kochiya. ("Moreya" is an archaic, alternate pronunciation of "Moriya".)
  • Suwako's strongest spellcard in Hisoutensoku resembles the ultimate attack of Akuma from Street Fighter, the Shun Goku Satsu.
  • One of Suwako's Hisoutensoku palettes is a homage to Hina Kagiyama.
  • Although Nue is the first character officially drawn with Zettai Ryouiki, Suwako has almost always been drawn this way in fanart.
  • The frogs printed on Suwako's dress were taken from Chōjū-giga, the picture scrolls drawn in 12th century.

Official Profiles

Mountain of Faith - キャラ設定.txt


 ○エキストラボス 土着神の頂点

  洩矢 諏訪子(もりや すわこ)

  Moriya Suwako

































































Extra Boss The Top of Native Gods
Suwako Moriya

Species: God
Ability: The ability to create earth

The true god of the Shrine of Moriya(守矢). She is the God of Mountains, and was once the leader of the many gods that lived in the Mountains.

During ancient times, she was a god in control of "Mishaguji". Mishaguji were curse gods who had obtained enormous amounts of faith, cursing birth, harvest, military, and many other things. Making light of these fearsome gods would lead to divine punishment. The only one able to tame these gods was Suwako. Because of this, she gained an extraordinary amount of faith, and cultivated a kingdom as its ruler while still being a god.

However, many other gods of Yamato (ancient Japan) invaded her kingdom. One of those gods was Kanako. The many gods of Yamato continually conquered the small kingdom for themselves. They said that ultimately, they would unify all countries and create a single country called Japan.

Naturally, Suwako resisted and fought with the finest steel weapons of the time. However, Kanako held out a thin vine, and Suwako's large steel arsenal instantly rusted. Suwako realized the difference in their divine powers and her defeat. She valiantly forfeited and relinquished her kingdom.

And so, Kanako attained the kingdom of Moriya(洩矢).

However, the people of Moriya(洩矢) could not forget the fear of their native gods, Mishaguji, and were unable to accept their new god.

Kanako thought she could not gain the faith of the people, and gave up on making the kingdom hers. Instead, she called forth a new god and combined it with Moriya's(洩矢) god. Within the kingdom, this new god was called Moriya(守矢), but was called by a different name outside of the kingdom. This way, it seemed as if it was ruling the kingdom. Moriya(守矢) is, of course, Moriya(洩矢). And thus Kanako borrowed Suwako's powers, and silently ruled as the God of Mountains.

The new god that was said to have reigned over the kingdom was a god only in name, existing only to preserve the legend of Yamato. In reality, Suwako continued to rule over the kingdom. Although the gods of the modern world have mostly been replaced by the Yamato Legends, she is still in her original form discreetly gathering faith.

However, the faith she has gathered throughout the eras is slowly fading with the introduction of the era of science.

Suwako didn't mind so much, but Kanako panicked and moved the whole shrine to Gensokyo.

Suwako didn't know how well she could get by in Gensokyo, but she decided to enjoy it as her final amusement. The reason she didn't argue with Kanako for deserting the kingdom and coming to Gensokyo was because she had no regrets left in the outer world. There were few people that knew her name.

After all, even the closest human to Suwako, Sanae, doesn't know much about her.

Sanae is currently Kanako's Shrine Maiden, but the reason she can create miracles is because she is Suwako's distant descendant. Despite this, she does not seem to understand why there are two gods within her own shrine.

Suwako didn't care whether or not she was fated to be forgotten anymore. She's actually thankful to Kanako as it seems she'll be able to enjoy a second life in Gensokyo.

Now, Kanako is the God of wind, but why is a snake-patterned rope her trademark?

There are two reasons.

The first is because the snake symbolizes reincarnation. It was to oppose the fear of Mishaguji.

And the second reason is because... She wanted to casually stress the fact that she won against Suwako.

Why, you ask? Suwako is a god that takes the form of a frog, and snakes eat frogs. Rituals of the new kingdom included sacrificing frogs to state that "The Snake now rules this kingdom in place of the Frog."

This is one reason why Suwako and Kanako argue a lot.

They share common interests and are actually very good friends.

Book Synopsis

The Grimoire of Marisa

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