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Urban Legend in Limbo - キャラ設定とエキストラストーリー.txt

Expose the Esoteric! The Secret Sealing Club's First President

Sumireko Usami

Species: High-school girl
Ability: Capable of manipulating psychic powers

She was a genuine psychic.

Thanks to the sense of omnipotence common to youths who furthered their knowledge via the internet, and to the talents she was born with, she began to think that "she was superior to other people," particularly around the time when she was in middle school.

It wasn't to say that friends were useless or anything.
It was just that they were useful to have from a simple knowledge standpoint.
What she really thought was that "friends are beneficial for the sort of people who actually need them. Like, the sort of people who want others to flock around them."
In the back of her mind, she mocked them.

Thus, unable to make any friends, (although she herself would frame it as "I didn't make any because I just didn't need any",) she lived a school life that others would view as tragic, but she herself was enriched by.

It was around that time that she began research of her own.
Why she could use psychic powers, occult phenomena, that which we call 'urban legends', et cetera.
In particular, she developed a strong interest in worlds separate from our own.

When she entered high school, her lifestyle instantly changed.
She was a model student (not uncommon for people such as her), and as a result, she advanced to a somewhat isolated private prep school. The school gathered students from all over; having been separated from their previous relationships, they strove to construct those relationships anew. As such, many people tried to strike up friendships with her, model student that she was. Her stiff attitude may have actually contributed to her appeal.

However, she was convinced that she was of a different sort than the other humans around her. Other people, as far as she was concerned, may as well have been demons plotting to form regular relationships with her in order to drag her down to their level.

In a smart move, she deliberately gathered people around her so as to drive them away.
She formed an unauthorized occult circle: the "Secret Sealing Club".
Just as she expected, nobody came up to her saying they wanted to be friends any more.

The Secret Sealing Club was a circle dedicated to exposing the secrets of other worlds with their own power.
As a result, she made contact with the deep secrets of the world.

---and so, various things occurred from there, and as a result, she became able to enter the world of dreams.

There, she was made to realize that all her knowledge was only superficial. Experience is the real truth of this world, and her pursuit of factual knowledge was only something to cover for this.

And in that dream, she at last met people who she couldn't look down on. Thanks to that dream--- no, thanks to Gensokyo, she found herself starting to think that maybe making some friends wouldn't be so bad after all.
...however, there was one thing that remained incomprehensible in the end.
Out of all the power stones that she set up in order to open the door to the other world,
one single stone seemed to have been switched with another.

Whose doing was this?
In the first place, the urban legends manifesting and spreading through Gensokyo were not something that she had planned. The urban legends had taken action such that a hole would be broken in the barrier, in the end, but was that really just a coincidence...?

Perhaps someone had been attempting to break the barrier from the inside.
Had her power stones been used for someone else's purposes?
She never did figure it out.

Antinomy of Common Flowers official website

Mystic and Troublesome Female Student

Sumireko Usami

"Well, you sure are acting weird, Reimu.
I'd like to go to Kourindou today, if you don't mind...?"

A modern high-school girl with psychic powers.

She has the ability to visit Gensokyo in her dreams, but the Gensokyo she saw today was utterly different from usual.

A zoning character who fights with her ESP, able to catch opponents anywhere without moving.
Bury your opponent in mountains of rubble that rain down from all sides!

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