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Main Profile

Sumireko Usami (宇佐見 菫子 Usami Sumireko) is a human from the Outside World with psychic abilities, and the final boss of Urban Legend in Limbo.

Her connections to Renko Usami are currently unknown, though it is speculated that she is related to her.


She has brown eyes and shoulder-length brown hair, and wears a black hat with a white bow on her head, along with red-framed glasses. Her dress may be a school uniform, consisting of a pink + purple plaid dress, over a long-sleeved blouse. Over her dress she has a black, high-collared cape with a red interior inscribed with runes. On her feet she wears white socks with bows and black shoes. She also carries a tablet computer with a pentagram drawn on the back and zener cards.