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In the demo v0.01, it was possible to take your character out of the screen by going diagonally down on either corner of the screen. You could keep your character's hit box below the bottom edge of the screen, but your options above, letting you attack while grazing most bullets directed at you with no chance of being hit.

For the full version (C74 release), you can attack Sanae during her entrance in Extra game by using bombs at the right time. Simply go to the spot where she'll appear, use a bomb (eg. Reimu C, or Marisa B) about a second before she appears, and watch her go "poof", skipping a battle. The same could be done with Orin in stage 6, as well as Yuugi, the Stage 3 boss, as the Spell Card that she uses before simply sniping at you, invincible, ends.

The replay desynchronization bug from Mountain of Faith still exists, in the Stage 6 the bug begin, to avoid this you have to start in Stage 5 without pressing Ctrl, or just start in Stage 1 without press Ctrl.

If you complete the game on Easy after unlocking the Extra stage, a bug will re-lock Extra mode until you complete the game on Normal or higher again.

When using Marisa C (with Nitori) it is possible to reverse bomb at the exact moment that will allow you to not only live but keep up your kappa shield.

Difficulty Level Names

Like most of the other Windows games, each of the difficulty levels have a special name and a short summary.

  • Easy - Fairy class - A difficulty level that makes you sleepier if you play it when you're sleepy. Keep practicing so people don't make fun of you.
  • Normal - Kappa class - A difficulty level that's very human-friendly. If you mess up, though, you'll get that taken away from you.
  • Hard - Tengu class - A difficulty level that takes you seriously. You'll need to work hard to read the patterns.
  • Lunatic - Oni god class - This difficulty level is a joke. Feel free to play while drinking.
  • Extra - Idol class - A special difficulty level. Play it or don't.

That, of course, is your shirikodama.

Fun Facts

  • While you're playing, if you look at the right side, you can see Reimu written in yellow and Marisa in green.
  • Subterranean Animism features three characters with three eyes. Utsuho, Satori, and Koishi.
  • In the game's end credits, Animism is misspelt as Aminism.