This is the second release of the SoEW English Patch, and is considerably improved from the first. Endings, dialogue, music room, results/final results screens, and most menu elements are translated. As file corruption may be worsened during patching, it is strongly recommended that a backup be made prior to installation. In the event that this does occur, instructions for save transfers are included in the readme.

Latest Version: Release Candidate 2. Download

The download itself contains files needed to edit the game's text files. To do this, you will need a working image of the game, and EditDisk to replace the Japanese text files with English text files. You will also need either the Anex86 or T98-Next PC-98 emulators to play the game's image file.

Instructions on how to patch the game is as follows:

1. Choose which PC-98 emulator you intend to use: Anex86 (font configuration required--Check the readme file) or T98-Next (recommended). The .rar includes a folder for each emulator, and they have four files you will need to import to patch the game: "MAIN.EXE", "MAINE.EXE", "OP.EXE", and "東方封魔.録". These files should only be used with their respective PC-98 emulators, so you will need to import them from only one of the two folders.
2. Create a copy of your original SoEW image file as a backup in case if something goes wrong.
3. Open EditDisk.
4. Browse for your Story of Eastern Wonderland image file.
5. Select "Anex86 HDD" (This can be used with both Anex86 and T98-Next).
6. Drag and drop the extracted "MAIN", "MAINE", "OP", and "東方封魔.録" files from either the T98 or Anex folder (whichever emulator you chose) into the DiskEdit window. Replace all files. You may need set your computer's locale to Japanese in order to import "東方封魔.録" if the kanji does not display properly in the filename.
7. Your image file has been modified into English. Close EditDisk.
8. Open your Story of Eastern Wonderland image file using either T98-Next or Anex86 to play.
9. If you see $s and #s in the game, check the readme file for troubleshooting.

To report bugs or more notes on this patch, go to this thread here.

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