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Running on newer systems

Shuusou Gyoku has a hard time running in full 60fps in newer PCs, probably due to Windows. Changing some settings in game and on windows might help you get a fully playable 30fps. Or a sometimes slow-mo 60fps.

Right clicking the executable get to its properties. In the Compatibility tab turn on the 256 colors mode. Now run the game. Get in the Graphics options in-game. Change the 8-bit colors to 16-bit and then change the FPS to 30fps. That will make it run smooth on any newer (2003+) machine.

Option above don't work on some machines. There is another way to run game at full 60fps. Click on Start, then Run and enter dxdiag. Then click on Screen Tab and Turn off DirectDraw Acceleration. Now game shoud run at full 60fps. Remember to run DDA after playing.

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