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Shuusou Gyoku(Autumn Frost Orb) (秋霜玉) is a challenging vertical-scrolling shooter, and is the first game of the Seihou series.

The game takes place on Earth in the future. VIVIT, a robot maid, has been sent out to run errands for her master, but she is constantly interrupted by battles. There are 6 stages, and one very difficult extra stage, featuring two characters you already know...


Main articles: Gameplay and Strategy (includes a more detailed description of the game and information on scoring)

Shuusou Gyoku features one playable character with 3 different modes. Homing missile is good for beginners or people who are too lazy to move. Wide shot is also useful for less movement, and can clear a whole screen of enemies quickly. Laser is great for destroying a boss fast.

The game uses an Evade system to let the players rack up massive scores by constantly grazing. All enemies drop point/power items; their value increases based on the point system and how high you are on the screen when you collect them.


Main article: Story (includes the translated script)

On Earth, the environment had nearly been destroyed, and humanity was on the verge of destruction. However, Kakutasu Company perfected an energy source more powerful than atomic energy. They used this power, known as Saboten energy, to stop the ruin of Earth. However, this energy was very unstable, and caused large accidents. Eventually, it was controlled, and humanity began to prosper once again.

VIVIT, a robot maid powered by Saboten energy, heads out to do errands for her master. As she leaves, various people fight her, for seemingly no reason. Milia randomly stops her, claiming vengeance for her men, which VIVIT has no clue about. After that, she fights Mei & Mai. After that, she find a huge energy signature, which happens to be Gates, a military veteran. He dares VIVIT to show him her true power, and she does so, defeating him. Then Marie fights her in a gigantic ship, and dares her to go on, for the true terror lies ahead.

However, she is stopped as she goes deeper by her own master. He explains that this errand is to save his daughter, and that her previous enemies were tests. His daughter was sealed in an accident, and VIVIT is the only one who can save her. In one final test, she defeats her master, and goes to save his daughter. As she finds his daughter, she is surprised to see she looks exactly like her. She is suffering, and after a difficult battle, VIVIT manages to save her, completing her master's dreams.

Additional information

Fun Facts

  • The music of this game, along with some of the art, was done by ZUN
  • Interestingly enough, the extra stage song of this game is a variation of the generic PC Touhou game title screen song; Shuusou Gyoku was released before any of the Windows Touhou games were made. Also, Reimu and Marisa appear in their brand new PC outfits, two years before EoSD. Marisa also says "Shoot and I'll move!" A line from Imperishable Night.


  • This game doesn't run correctly on Windows Vista and Windows 7, possibly not on XP as well. In order to play it, you must run it in Windows NT 4.0 compatibility mode.

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