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Shoot the Bullet: Level 7 Spell Card Strategy

Spell Card 7 - 1

Screenshot No. 7 - 1:
Owner: Sakuya Izayoi
Level 7 — 1
Comment: 手品を見せて頂ける雰囲気だ、という噂を聞いて


I went to the Scarlet Mansion to take pictures because I
heard that you could see some magic tricks.
But even I could do something like this.

Spell Card 7 - 2

Screenshot No. 7 - 2: 魔符「全世界ナイトメア」

Devil Sign "World in Nightmare"
This spell card represents the trefoil symbol indicating radioactive materials.

Owner: Remilia Scarlet
Level 7 — 2
Comment: 蝙蝠の大群が悪夢を見せるか、というテーマで


I opted for a theme of "bats will give
you nightmares" for this photo shoot.
But the true form of the nightmare was a vampire. Bla~ah.

Spell Card 7 - 3

Screenshot No. 7 - 3: 時符「トンネルエフェクト」

Time Sign "Tunnel Effect"
tunnel effect: the phenomenon that a matter overcomes a potential barrier with lesser energy than the barrier.

Owner: Sakuya Izayoi
Level 7 — 3
Comment: 前回のはまだ手品では無かったようです。


It looks like last time wasn't a trick.
What I saw this time was "Multiplying Knives."
I'm more interested in her instant movement than her knives.

Spell Card 7 - 4

Screenshot No. 7 - 4: 紅符「ブラッディマジックスクウェア」

Scarlet Sign "Bloody Magic Square"

Owner: Remilia Scarlet
Level 7 — 4
Comment: 血の付いたナイフが血を垂らしながら飛んで


The blood-tipped knife dripped its red essence
while flying through the air.
Or something like that.

Spell Card 7 - 5

Screenshot No. 7 - 5: 空虚「インフレーションスクウェア」

Void "Inflation Square"

Owner: Sakuya Izayoi
Level 7 — 5
Comment: 今回見せてもらえた手品は


This time, the trick was
"Incredible Multiplying Knives"
Isn't this too much?

Spell Card 7 - 6

Screenshot No. 7 - 6: 紅蝙蝠「ヴァンピリッシュナイト」

Scarlet Bat "Vampirish Night"

Owner: Remilia Scarlet
Level 7 — 6
Comment: 蝙蝠被害の報告を受けて、再び取材に出向いた


I headed out again to learn what kind of damage
bats can do... and it was not fun.
So, I wiped out some of them.

Spell Card 7 - 7

Screenshot No. 7 - 7: 銀符「パーフェクトメイド」

Silver Sign "Perfect Maid"

Owner: Sakuya Izayoi
Level 7 — 7
Comment: 最後の手品は瞬間移動でした。


The last trick was teleportation.
I thought I had her in my sights, but...
she would always move out of the way.

Spell Card 7 - 8

Screenshot No. 7 - 8: 神鬼「レミリアストーカー」

God Devil "Remilia Stoker"
Stoker refers to Bram Stoker, the author of the novel Dracula.

Owner: Remilia Scarlet
Level 7 — 8
Comment: ついに吸血鬼被害の実態を取材することに


Finally, I returned to see what the vampire
herself could do. If I publish these pictures,
no one will have a reason to be scared.
It's not like I was.

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