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Shoot the Bullet: Level 5 Spell Card Strategy

Spell Card 5 - 1

StBsc30 No. 5 - 1:
Owner: Hong Meiling
Level 5 — 1
Comment: 突然跳び蹴りですよ?


A surprise jump kick?
I really don't like violent youkai.
She has no chance of matching my speed.

Spell Card 5 - 2

StBsc31 No. 5 - 2: 日&水符「ハイドロジェナスプロミネンス」

Sun & Water Sign "Hydrogenous Prominence"
prominence: a huge column of flame on the sun. The sun mainly consists of hydrogen.

Owner: Patchouli Knowledge
Level 5 — 2
Comment: 試験的な合成魔法が完成したという噂を聞いて


I heard a particular experimental magic was finished,
so I took some pictures of it.
It felt like she was negating her own power for no reason, which was new.
("日(sun)" and "水(water)" denies each other)

Spell Card 5 - 3

StBsc32 No. 5 - 3: 華符「彩光蓮華掌」

Flowery Sign "Colorful Light Lotus Flower Palm"

Owner: Hong Meiling
Level 5 — 3
Comment: 縁起の良い写真が撮れました。


I have a good feeling about these shots.
These are rainbow-colored lotus flowers. What should I write?
I should also note the roots were rainbow too...

Spell Card 5 - 4

StBsc33 No. 5 - 4: 水&火符「フロギスティックレイン」

Water & Fire Sign "Phlogistic Rain"
phlogiston: assumed substance to explain the fact that flammable materials lose the mass when burned. This theory had been already rejected.

Owner: Patchouli Knowledge
Level 5 — 4
Comment: これも試験中の合成魔法らしいです。


This also seems to be an experiment.
A new magic, where fire isn't hot...
Is it okay?

Spell Card 5 - 5

StBsc34 No. 5 - 5: 彩翔「飛花落葉」

Colorful Flip "Fluttering Petals and Falling Leaves"

Owner: Hong Meiling
Level 5 — 5
Comment: また跳び蹴りですよ。


More jump kicks.
Sometimes these rough-and-tumble youkai are just there.
Geez, should I just write an article about that?

Spell Card 5 - 6

StBsc35 No. 5 - 6: 月&木符「サテライトヒマワリ」

Moon & Wood Sign "Satellite Himawari"
Himawari: a name of a Japanese weather satellite, means sunflower.

Owner: Patchouli Knowledge
Level 5 — 6
Comment: これも試験中の合成魔法らしいです。


This too is from another experiment.
It's not very sunflower-ish for something
called sunflower... is this new in its own way?

Spell Card 5 - 7

StBsc36 No. 5 - 7: 彩華「虹色太極拳」

Colorful Flower "Rainbow Taijiquan"
Taijiquan: a kind of traditional Chinese shadow boxing.

Owner: Hong Meiling
Level 5 — 7
Comment: 健康に良い体操があるらしい、って聞いたので


I heard there was some exercise that's good for your health, so
I took some pictures. But should I really rely
on such unreliable information?

Spell Card 5 - 8

StBsc37 No. 5 - 8: 日&月符「ロイヤルダイヤモンドリング」

Sun & Moon Sign "Royal Diamond Ring"
royal diamond ring: a metaphor of the annular solar eclipse.

Owner: Patchouli Knowledge
Level 5 — 8
Comment: これも試験中の合成魔法らしいです。


Yet again, this seems to be another experiment.
Doesn't it dazzle the spellcaster herself?
Still, the viewfinder was having trouble.

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