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Shoot the Bullet: Level 4 Spell Card Strategy

Spell Card 4 - 1

StBsc21 No. 4 - 1:
Owner: Reisen Udongein Inaba
Level 4 — 1
Comment: う~ん、カメラの故障だったのかなぁ。


Geez, I think the camera's busted...
For some reason, I couldn't focus well
and take any good pictures.

Spell Card 4 - 2

StBsc22 No. 4 - 2: 霧符「ガシングガーデン」

Fog Sign "Gassing Garden"

Owner: Medicine Melancholy
Level 4 — 2
Comment: 空気が淀んで嫌な感じだったわ。


The air was stagnant, and I had a bad feeling about it.
Since this was dangerous territory, I thought I'd
walk on in for the heck of it.
But I wonder if I can write about it.

Spell Card 4 - 3

StBsc23 No. 4 - 3: 脱兎「フラスターエスケープ」

Runaway Rabbit "Fluster Escape"
fluster: confusion

Owner: Tewi Inaba
Level 4 — 3
Comment: もう、兎の逃げ足の速いこと速いこと。兎の生態


Can these rabbits run or what? I was thinking of
writing about rabbit lifestyles, but
they kept flying everywhere and I couldn't stop them...

Spell Card 4 - 4

StBsc24 No. 4 - 4: 散符「朧月花栞(ロケット・イン・ミスト)」

Spread Sign "Rocket in Mist"
朧月: a pale moon
花栞: a flower bookmark

Owner: Reisen Udongein Inaba
Level 4 — 4
Comment: どうも、たまにピントが合わなくなるみたい。


It seems like I'm losing focus from time to time.
That's not good. Even if I don't look through
the viewfinder, everything looks like it's shifting...

Spell Card 4 - 5

StBsc25 No. 4 - 5: 毒符「ポイズンブレス」

Poison Sign "Poison Breath"

Owner: Medicine Melancholy
Level 4 — 5
Comment: と言うわけで、またちょっと踏み入れてみました。


So, I decided to walk in again.
I'm not worried about this nasty air.
The wind can blow it all away anyway.

Spell Card 4 - 6

StBsc26 No. 4 - 6: 波符「幻の月(インビジブルハーフムーン)」

Wave Sign "Invisible Half-Moon"
幻の月: phantom moon

Owner: Reisen Udongein Inaba
Level 4 — 6
Comment: どうやらカメラの故障じゃなくて何か変な力の所為


It's not that the camera was broken, but that
there's some strange power at work. Now this is news!
But the camera still won't focus...

Spell Card 4 - 7

StBsc27 No. 4 - 7: 譫妄「イントゥデリリウム」

Confusion "Into Delirium"
Delirium: madness, alcoholic, and a brand of Belgian beer of Huyghe brewery
譫妄 (Senmou) means delirium, but it is translated into confusion here to avoid the duplication.

Owner: Medicine Melancholy
Level 4 — 7
Comment: 今日はまた一段と空気が淀んでいたわ。


Today, I stepped into that murky air again.
I'm fine, but the camera doesn't seem to be.
You can barely see anything in these pictures. Poor thing.

Spell Card 4 - 8

StBsc28 No. 4 - 8: 借符「大穴牟遅様の薬」

Owing Sign "Vulnerary of Ohnamuji-sama"
Ohnamuji-sama: a childhood name of Ohkuninushi, a Japanese god of the earth. He helped a rabbit in a myth "White Rabbit of Inaba". The white rabbit of Inaba is a model of Tewi Inaba.

Owner: Tewi Inaba
Level 4 — 8
Comment: そう。これが二兎を追う者は一兎をも得ずって


Right. "He who chases two rabbits at once catches neither."
I do have a lot of rabbit pictures, though.
Note: variations of this phrase have appeared in other sources, original attribution unknown.

Spell Card 4 - 9

StBsc29 No. 4 - 9: 狂夢「風狂の夢(ドリームワールド)」

Mad Dream "Dream World"
風狂: madness, lunatic person, being intoxicated with elegance
夢: dream

Owner: Reisen Udongein Inaba
Level 4 — 9
Comment: よく見たら兎が居ましたね。

もしかして、この兎が元凶? まさか、ね。

If you look closely, there's a rabbit there. These weird visions can distract you.
Could this rabbit have caused it? No way.

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