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Shoot the Bullet: Level 3 Spell Card Strategy

Spell Card 3 - 1

StBsc13 No. 3 - 1:
Owner: Alice Margatroid
Level 3 — 1
Comment: 街の旅芸人に出くわしました。


Here's a travelling entertainer.
I thought about asking her if she wanted a doll,
but I didn't feel like it. So I didn't.

Spell Card 3 - 2

StBsc14 No. 3 - 2: 光符「アマテラス」

Light Sign "Amaterasu"
Amaterasu: Japanese Goddess of the Sun, and the ancestor of Japanese emperors in myth.

Owner: Keine Kamishirasawa
Level 3 — 2
Comment: ちょっと歴史の勉強に伺っただけですが、非常に


Even though I was only asking about history,
this was unusually bright.
But, my camera has a good backlight.

Spell Card 3 - 3

StBsc15 No. 3 - 3: 操符「ドールズインシー」

Puppeteer Sign "Dolls in Sea"

Owner: Alice Margatroid
Level 3 — 3
Comment: 再び旅芸人です。なんて言うんでしょう、


The entertainer again.
Would you say she's juggling?
Being dexterous is always an advantage, isn't it?

Spell Card 3 - 4

StBsc16 No. 3 - 4: 包符「昭和の雨」

Shroud Sign "Rain in Showa"
Showa: an era of Japan (1926-1989)

Owner: Keine Kamishirasawa
Level 3 — 4
Comment: 歴史と言っても、この人の言う歴史は、私達の


Speaking of history, this person's history
and the one we know are pretty different.
Something I've never heard of before...

Spell Card 3 - 5

StBsc17 No. 3 - 5: 呪符「ストロードールカミカゼ」

Curse Sign "Straw Doll Kamikaze"

Owner: Alice Margatroid
Level 3 — 5
Comment: 人形が大量に襲ってきました。


I was assaulted by a large number of dolls.
Is this a new set from the entertainer?
I was surprised, so I guess it worked.

Spell Card 3 - 6

StBsc18 No. 3 - 6: 葵符「水戸の光圀」

Hollyhock Sign "Mito no Mitsukuni"
Mito no Mitsukuni: a central figure of a fiction drama "Mito Koumon", which is based on a real character.
He's traveling with two of his closest companions, Suke-san and Kaku-san. The spirals of lasers at Keine's sides represent them.

Owner: Keine Kamishirasawa
Level 3 — 6
Comment: 自分は動かなくても、強力な力を発揮してくれる


I thought it was nice that I'd be treated to
such a show of power without even having to move.
All I had to do was finish it.

Spell Card 3 - 7

StBsc19 No. 3 - 7: 赤符「ドールミラセティ」

Red Sign "Doll Mira Ceti"
Mira Ceti: the name of Cetus Omicron, which is the most typical example of oscillating variable stars. The name means "wonderful star".

Owner: Alice Margatroid
Level 3 — 7
Comment: どうやら旅芸人ではなかったようです。


I guess she's not an entertainer after all.
Is she just good with her hands?
I think I'd encourage her to try acting.

Spell Card 3 - 8

StBsc20 No. 3 - 8: 倭符「邪馬台の国」

Japan Sign "Yamato Kingdom"
Yamato Kingdom: an ancient country in Japan.

Owner: Keine Kamishirasawa
Level 3 — 8
Comment: 外の文献に見慣れない文字が書いてあったので、


I found some characters I've never seen
in books from the outside, so I asked her to read it.
It looks like it reads "yamato." I see, I see.

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