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Shoot the Bullet: Level 2 Spell Card Strategy

Spell Card 2 - 1

StBsc07 No. 2 - 1:
Owner: Cirno
Level 2 — 1
Comment: 湖の上で氷の妖怪が暴れると、氷塊が飛び散って


When an ice youkai goes mad over a lake,
ice clumps scatter and cause trouble.
That's the pattern.
I dunno if I can write something with this...

Spell Card 2 - 2

StBsc08 No. 2 - 2:
Owner: Letty Whiterock
Level 2 — 2
Comment: 晴れているのに突然雪が降ってきました。


It suddenly started snowing under such clear skies.
This is a pretty unusual event.
I can use this as filler for those slow news times.

Spell Card 2 - 3

StBsc09 No. 2 - 3: 雪符「ダイアモンドブリザード」

Snow Sign "Diamond Blizzard"

Owner: Cirno
Level 2 — 3
Comment: 湖の水しぶきが凍って、珍しい現象が撮れました。

無いかしら? 今度そういう特集を組もうっと。

I took these incredible pictures of some lake
water being frozen. Couldn't this be used
to artificially create snow?
I'll look into that next time.

Spell Card 2 - 4

StBsc10 No. 2 - 4: 寒符「コールドスナップ」

Cold Sign "Cold Snap"

cold snap: sudden cold wave

Owner: Letty Whiterock
Level 2 — 4
Comment: この時は突然冷え込みましたね。


It suddenly turned pretty cold.
It seemed to be a sign of things to come...
But, these pictures don't do that coldness justice.

Spell Card 2 - 5

StBsc11 No. 2 - 5: 凍符「マイナスK」

Freeze Sign "Minus K"

K: Kelvin, a unit of the absolute temperature, whose lowest bound is 0 K (absolute zero).

Owner: Cirno
Level 2 — 5
Comment: 前代未聞の冷たさを持つ氷塊でした。


Ice clumps which hold an unprecedented chill within them.
The moment they come into contact with outside air, the
temperature difference makes them explode...
Pictures alone can't convey this.

Spell Card 2 - 6

StBsc12 No. 2 - 6: 冬符「ノーザンウイナー」

Winter Sign "Northern Winter"

Owner: Letty Whiterock
Level 2 — 6
Comment: 実はこれまでの突然の寒波。


A sudden cold wave.
This isn't nature, but a youkai's doing.
This is photographic proof.

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