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Shoot the Bullet: Level 1 Spell Card Strategy

Spell Card 1 - 1

StBsc01 No. 1 - 1:
Owner: Wriggle Nightbug
Level 1 — 1
Comment: 蟲の大群が撮れました! 珍しい写真です。


I got a picture of a great swarm of bugs! What an unusual picture.
The bugs move like they're being strictly controlled;
that's because their brain structure is very simple.

Spell Card 1 - 2

StBsc02 No. 1 - 2:
Owner: Rumia
Level 1 — 2
Comment: 暗闇に何か居ました。


There was something in the darkness.
I didn't know what it was, so I used a strobe light to photograph
it ... but, I wonder who it was?

Spell Card 1 - 3

StBsc03 No. 1 - 3: 蛍符「地上の恒星」

Firefly Sign "Fixed Star on Earth"

Owner: Wriggle Nightbug
Level 1 — 3
Comment: この時は大きな源氏蛍が沢山いましたね。


There were a lot of large Genji fireflies this time.
It's easy to take pictures of them when they're this big.
But they're crowding each other out ... maybe they're too big?

Spell Card 1 - 4

StBsc04 No. 1 - 4: 闇符「ダークサイドオブムーン」

Darkness Sign "Dark Side of the Moon"

Owner: Rumia
Level 1 — 4
Comment: 夜は気をつけないといけないです。


You have to be careful in the darkness.
If you just go flying off without paying attention,
you'll be attacked suddenly. As these pictures prove.

Spell Card 1 - 5

StBsc05 No. 1 - 5: 蝶符「バタフライストーム」

Butterfly Sign "Butterfly Storm"

Owner: Wriggle Nightbug
Level 1 — 5
Comment: 蝶の大群です!

あれ? 夜に出ているから蛾だったのかなぁ。

A swarm of butterflies!
Hmm? Since it's night time, I guess they must be moths.
Well, moths are fine.
And pictures of swarms of moths.

Spell Card 1 - 6

StBsc06 No. 1 - 6: 夜符「ミッドナイトバード」

Night Sign "Midnight Bird"

Owner: Rumia
Level 1 — 6
Comment: 妖怪が暗闇に紛れて襲ってくるのは、実は自分の力


Actually, I have the least confidence in my ability to handle the
situation where a youkai suddenly attacks in the dark.
It's so hard to get pictures. The ones I do get are no good, too.

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