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東方文花帖 ~ Shoot the Bullet (romanized: Touhou Bunkachou, meaning Oriental Cultural Album) is a danmaku vertical-scrolling photography game, and is the ninth-and-a-half official game in the Touhou series. It was released as a tie-in to Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red.


Main article: Shoot the Bullet: Gameplay (includes a more detailed description of the game and information on scoring)

In Shoot the Bullet, you play only as Aya Shameimaru. Unlike the previous Touhou games where you advance by taking down a boss, Aya must take pictures of various bosses and their bullet patterns while avoiding them as well.


Main article: Shoot the Bullet: Translation

In Shoot the Bullet, you play as Aya Shameimaru as she photographs the bosses from various Touhou games. However, no one ever reveals the reason for these, and in fact at one point it is pointed out that "No one knows the purpose of the photos, except Aya," and the only reason she does not shoot the opponents is "not to be nice, but because she doesn't want her bullets in the picture."


Main article: Shoot the Bullet: Strategy

Many aspects of Shoot the Bullet are similar to more traditional shmups, so the skills learned by playing other Touhou games do transfer to a certain extent. However, game elements like the use of film-reloading and defensive shots require some technique over and above standard dodging and streaming skills.

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