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Main Profile

Shingyoku appears to attempt to prevent Reimu from entering the gates to Hell and/or Makai in Highly Responsive to Prayers, where the two battle. Next to nothing is known about this enemy, as it does not exchange dialog with Reimu and has no official profile. Judging from its appearance, Shingyoku is likely related in some way to the Hakurei Shrine.

Character Basis


Its name is Shingyoku. There is not any official Kana, however it is commonly written in the Japanese fanbase as Shingyoku (シンギョク), but it is unknown whether the "si" (シ) part of the name is really prounounced "shi" or not. That is the reason why it's not sure whether its name is called Shingyoku or SinGyoku.

More Information

If Shingyoku's third form is actually a male priest, then he would be the first male character to appear in a Touhou game, with Genjii and Sokrates appearing after him. Also, Shingyoku's 'male' form is one of the only PC-98 characters whose hair and eyes are not the same colour. The only other PC-98 characters with this are Elis and Konngara. This is due to the 16-bit colour limit the other PC-98 characters have.

Notable Additions

• Shingyoku is the first boss in the entire Touhou Project series. • Most stage enemies in the Story of Eastern Wonderland and Undefined Fantastic Object appear to be smaller versions of Shingyoku's first form. • Mononobe no Futo seems to bear a slight resemblance to Shingyoku's "male" form.

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